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Welcome to the Magic Maree Website post… including healing and card reading.


Welcome to the Magic Maree post! It is an honour and a blessing that you are here, and my intention is that you receive insight and healing that is perfect to help you find more peace, joy and love within yourself and therefore your life. As we are all transitioning through this massive energetic shift into the 5th dimension as a way of life on  Earth, each week I will include information with meditations, insights into how to keep your energetic body clear and how to begin to know yourself on a much deeper level. Being the first Post I will also take the time to introduce myself and how I “got here” after the card reading…

The usual format I will follow for each post, unless guided otherwise by spirit, will be:

Beginning of week Post

1) Universal Rule

2) Card Reading and Healing for the week

Midweek Post

3) Natures Magical Moments

4) Magic with Crystals, Angelic Beings or Ascended Masters (including Meditation)


Remember every thought we have and and action we create will ultimately affect our life. We are all connected. Any thought or judgement we have about others, is actually in truth about ourselves and will affect us more than the other person. This is a form of Karma. We are the masters of our own universe. So how do you choose to create your reality? With love and compassion or judgement and blame? We are our own worst critic. Instead of judging yourself yet again in your head, change the message. Tell yourself “I love you”. Just for something different. See how it feels. Instead of the usual ‘You silly idiot’ we often say in our head to ourselves when we judge an action or decision as wrong. My favourite line for myself now is “No matter what happens in this situation, I have your back. I love you!” 



Each week I will do a card reading and  healing to bring through what is pertinent, in some way, for EVERY beautiful being that chooses to connect onto this Magic Maree site.. so for you first timers out there this reading is to give you something just that bit different, maybe some insight into an issue or situation playing out in your life at the moment… and how you can speak up from your heart so you are expressing yourself from your truth.

The Animal Magic Cards are calling me to do these readings. I have already run the Transference Healing® energy to bring through these cards. So if YOU have tuned in to this site you have automatically been connected to receive this healing and information . Even though this healing and reading was done at the end of January 2015, it is timeless and you are very much meant to be here right now connecting in to this energy….


The 3 Animal magic Cards for this weeks reading. The Frilled Neck Lizard, Leopard and Snake.
The 3 Animal Magic Cards for this weeks reading. The Frilled Neck Lizard, Leopard and Snake.

The first of the 3 cards that has come through for you is:

  • Frilled Neck Lizard: Self-worth.

The liquid gold that is ready to burst forth from the Lizards throat and mouth is also full of light. This is reminding you to speak your truth but to connect into your ‘inner wisdom’ before doing so. Sometimes if we are feeling insecure or unworthy we may be overreactive or have a knee-jerk emotional ‘dump’ on someone if we feel threatened in a particular situation. The gold is also to remind us that we manifest what we put out verbally, so be mindful of how we speak our words. The lizards eyes are showing kindness, so the more kindness you show to yourself the more self-worth you have, and the less reactive your responses will be. Take 3 big, slow breathes if you are feeling overwhelmed and are wanting to respond from a calmer place. Simple but effective.  The Lizard is holding a jasper crystal, reminding us to stay grounded. As  you ground with awareness into the Earth, ask Mother Earth to bring through energy specifically for you, to help your body, mind and soul rejuvenate and balance. The red in the Lizard is suggesting you have been very active lately, so take some time out for you to re-charge and re-balance. The ear of the Lizard is looking ‘wolf-like’ which means that its time to listen, as the greatest teachers are often great listeners first. This may mean be mindful and listen to others, or listen to your own inner guidance.

  • Leopard: Transference

The Leopard is looking off into the distance with determination and wonder at the same time. The alchemy symbol is really prominent and glowing, which shows an ‘internal shift’ could be happening. This will eventually lead to changes in your outer reality.The orange and gold is again standing out on the Leopards coat. This means a shift in your own empowerment and self-worth is in process. Trust you instincts at this time, as a deep trauma may be clearing. This card is perfect following the Lizard, as it means the situations that come up for you to deal with have been created by your higher self to help you understand more about your true self, and how you work from your power centre (solar plexus area). I wouldn’t be surprised if you have had some lower abdominal or gut symptoms showing up lately. This can be part of the shift happening within you, we have to let go of the old to allow in the new.  The stars and universe is really standing out in this reading, and this usually means you may need to look up and connect in with the stars and cosmos. Again ask for healing energy from the cosmos, remembering we are a part of the cosmos as well as Earth.

  • Snake: Kundalini/Divine Energy

As soon as the snake card comes up in a reading, I immediately think ‘transformation’. This again is congruent with the Lizard and Leopard cards, so the snake is here to help you through this shift. Snake is asking you to stay centred and balanced through this shift, as it will make it a much smoother transition. I know this is often easier said than done when feeling pushed and going through an initiation. Ask for the lizard, leopard and snake to come through to help support you if you do become overwhelmed during a time of change. Snake is moving up the spine and shifting old belief systems and out dated habits that we hold onto. Ask yourself “does this truly serve me now” if you are still behaving in ways that are not for your highest good. Snake also brings through passion to help help you start new ventures and embrace new gifts and talents. Snake is showing up as really big in this reading, so hang in there as the changes that are coming through will be worth the ‘lessons’ and maybe testing times, that you have been or are experiencing. The darkest time is just before the dawn. Keep your faith because all is well in your world.

So lets give thanks to Lizard, Snake and Leopard for the insights and support they are offering us at this time of change. The nature magical moment I will share later on is actually very relevant to this reading, even though it happened early in January.


Magic Marees HELLO….

profileIts Monday evening, and as I sit here in my cosy mountain cottage listening to the thunder rolling around in the distance, I am contemplating how to introduce this new website creation called “Magic Maree” to you all. So the crazy part of me says lets get it started with a bang!

All day the elements of water, thunder and lightening have been playing around on this beautiful mountain. At one stage the lightning even decided to streak its way though my mountain cottage home. This is not a common occurrence so it was a shock to see the lightening literally hanging along the high wooden centre beam in my living area. I was sure that all of the electricals would blow from the power of this lightening, but nothing happened. Phew. My home usually has a high frequency with all the energy that is run for clients’ healings and workshops here – but this was getting ridiculous. It made me realise how disconnected from nature and the elements we often are in this busy world.
So my first NATURES MAGICAL MOMENT is going to be telling a story about a meditation that one of my friends hosted, for the extremely powerful Full Moon in the beginning of January, 2015, and the subsequent event that followed 2 weeks later.

I still would like to tell you a short version of how I came to be living on a mountain, with this dream of working with energy and helping people to change their lives in a positive way.

My mind wanders back to distant events in my life that have brought me to this point and made this venture possible. And of course lets not forget that instrumental phenomenon known as Divine Timing! Let me introduce myself to you all…

My name is Maree-Elyse Thomas, and it has always been a dream of mine to make available a healing and teaching space that would help people remember “who they truly are”, and indeed, how powerful they also truly are. Of course this way of being could only happen if I myself have been on this journey, and in fact am still “remembering” and integrating this knowing of who I AM, on a daily basis. It has not always been pretty or easy – but the journey is definitely becoming easier with less resistance on my part. I have been a slow learner at times – so the old saying “if I can do this, anyone can” is so very true.

This awakening really started 23 years ago when I went through a divorce at 27 after 10 years in a relationship. I had been so closed off to my inner self for such a long time, especially after I had to have eye surgery for retinal detachments at 18 years of age to stop me from going blind, that I didn’t have a clue “who I was”. Somehow I intuitively knew that this sight issue was actually more than what it seemed. I felt like at some level I had created this problem with my eyesight. It was not until I separated from my husband, whom I am very grateful to for all my insights and learning, that I finally asked 3 very pertinent questions:

  • Who am I?
  • Who or what is this God that I don’t feel connected to?
  • Why did I fail at my marriage and how could I leave? (Catholic guilt with this one as I was raised in a Catholic household)

Those 3 questions would take me to places I had no idea existed… and it was darn scary for most of the trip. I used to think “life has to be easier than this, why does it feel so hard?” What I realised years down the track is that the most difficult times in my life have also been my greatest gift in the learning and awakening they have presented me with. And without those experiences there is no way I could begin to understand the emotional pain and deep wounding that was within me, and indeed others. And not just from this life-time.

For the first few months of being on my own I went through life with a weird feeling in my gut. I did not know it was a thing called FEAR. In fact, I had no idea what any emotions were, and how they actually felt. That was how disconnected I had become.  But I was to come to realise that this was a great part of my learning and put me on a path that would be the foundation of my search for self.

At the same time as I separated from my husband and moved house to share with a friend my career changed. I was a registered nurse and midwife. The new role of Clinical Nurse Consultant with a Post Op Pain Service suited my experience perfectly. This is how I came to help set up the new pain relief methods and technology, in a major teaching hospital. It was in this role that the concept of studying alternative pain relief techniques began to really capture my interest.

So I embarked on a mission to find these techniques. This was truly the beginning of my understanding of how our energetic body actually works, and consequently affects our physical and emotional body. I had already attended psychic workshops and completed courses in massage, but then I upped the anti and moved into fields such as Reiki, Rebirthing, Therapeutic Touch, Shak-i-ra, Kinesiology and even started studying to be a Naturopath at one stage. I loved herbal medicine including homeopathic remedies and accupressure. It was an exciting time and a huge learning curve. Finally beginning to get in tune with my emotions opened a whole new ‘Pandoras Box’ for me. It was also terrifying and I felt vulnerable when all the layers of suppressed emotions began to surface and be released. Through many adventures of travelling and living overseas, interstate and finally to Queensland, this healing process moved slowly onward.



Brave and Courageous: The Hummingbird
The Tiny Warrior: Determined and courageous is the Hummingbird.

“Courage is not the absence of fear. Its doing what you are afraid to do. It’s having the power to let go of the familiar and forge ahead into new territory”. These words by John Maxwell were to be my mantra as I changed my world as I had known it and embarked on my awakening to my true self.

It has only been in the past 6 years of working with Transference Healing® that the deep, ancient distortions within the DNA and memory trauma on a soul level, really began to be cleared and healed. This happened after leaving the beautiful ocean of the Gold Coast and moving up to the Mountain at Tamborine. This was scary and yet life changing for me.

Beach life
Life by the ocean

I had lived virtually on top of and so close to the the water for such a long time, I felt “waterlogged”. I knew I needed to be around the land and trees more. Little did I know that this ” tree change” would also lead to a change in my entire life and belief system. I truly understood what the saying of “soul purpose” meant when I began to experience Transference Healing®. This was a healing energy system channeled through by Alexis Cartwright, who founded then anchored this energy onto the Earth. This frequency had not been on Earth since Atlantean times. Magic truly happens with Transference Healing®.

So that is a little bit about my journey and how I ended up here.. so again welcome to the Magic Maree site!!

Tune in Midweek for the Crystal Meditation and Natures Magical Moments…

Much Love and Blessings


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  1. I need your guidance as to whether or not taking 4 classes (Karuna Reiki, Drumming class, and Crystal Healing both beginning and intermediate level)would be too much emotionally for a person to take.

    1. Hello, I feel it is up to each person to decide what works for them and how much they can take on at any one time. Often going inside yourself and quietly listening to your higher self is the most appropriate way to make decisions. You can ask spirit to give you signs to help clarify your decision as well. Good luck with your journey.

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