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Part 2 : Be who you truly are….Crystal Meditation and Magical Nature Moments

Magical Nature Moments:

When was the last time you actually tuned into Mother Earth or any of nature that surounds us?

Be honest!! Do you know which birds that make that beautiful music near you? If you indeed hear any birds where you live.

Are you aware that when you tune into that amazing bird song you are actually tuning into another dimension? Birds have the gift of bringing into our dimension the vibration and ‘sound’ from another realm. Once we are awakened to this phenomenon of bird sounds being from another reality, does this miracle of bird song becomes a reality in our world?. Once we allow this energy into our being, with intent, only then do we feel the full impact on our ‘etheric or vibrational’ body. I dare you to play with this…

3 friendly kookaburras return to say ‘hi’

There are many variety of bird life where I live on the mountain. The kookaburras are often popping in to say hello and they become quite friendly over time. They love little bits of organic tofu protein as treats and will often eat from my hand. It is incredible watching them catch a snake for lunch. They are powerful birds and their laughter is distinct and always makes me smile. During the summer months with all the rain, they often turn up looking bedraggled, and with a red tinge to their feathers.The red tinge is from the volcanic red soil that is all over the mountain. They can border on looking ‘punk’ with this colour in their head feathers! I hadn’t seen them for a few weeks and was thinking about them one day wishing they would pop in for a visit. No word of a lie, within 3 minutes all 3 of them flew down and landed on my balcony railing. Talk about connected and psychic! Those kookas are amazing.


Mrs Magpie drops in for breakfast

There are also Magpies that drop in for a catch-up and a bit of breakfast. This one in the photo is a regular. A few days after this photo was taken of her sharing breakfast with me, a massive storm swept through the mountain, It was so wet that the Magpie brought her baby in to sit on the chairs on the balcony to get out of the rain. Smart as well as oportunistic.

The call of the Whip Bird is also common on the mountain, and as we were walking through a local rain forest recently at sunset they were out in force. They are my favourite bird sound and I always tune in to the frequency behind the sound vibration when I hear them. Try this yourself the next time you hear bird song. Allow the sound to vibrate through your body and see where in the body it feels the most intense. I often feel or sense the vibration in my heart.

Rainforest walk at sunset
Bird sounds in the rainforest at sunset. Whip birds galore.

Magical Crystals:

Since there has been so much releasing on so many deep levels, and many physical symptoms showing up, it came through to discuss the properties and benefits of Amethyst crystal.

Amethyst is a purple/lavender coloured crystal that can fade in sunlight. It has strong healing and protective powers. Mentally it helps you to feel less scattered and enhances the assimilation of new ideas coming through. Amethyst assists the decision making process by helping spiritual insights and common sense merge into action. It cleanses the aura and transmuting negative energy, which is why the Violet Flame Meditation is so beneficial to work with, during times of change. Amethyst also reconnects the physical, mental and emotional planes. It can help with headaches and releases tension in an overactive mind. The properties of Amethyst can help to energetically cleanse and transmute other crystals.

crystal amethyst cluster and angel
Amethyst crystal cluster with crystal angel.

St Germain is the ascended master that anchored the violet flame onto the earth to help us with world transmutation. He is chohan of the 7th ray (violet ray) and thus help us change our selves and our world.

St Germain Violet Flame Meditation:

Here is a simple yet powerful meditation to work with Amethyst and the Violet Flame  This meditation will be overseen by St Germain to help you with the transmutation(shifting) of any physical, mental or emotional bindings. (it may be a good idea to tape the meditation before hand so you can fully relax during it)

1. Sit or lie comfortably, with gentle meditation music playing if possible, and focus on your breathe. Gently close your eyes. Allow yourself to become calm and quiet. If you have an Amethyst crystal hold the crystal. If not, simply have the intention for the Amethyst crystal to be in your hand.

2. Take your awareness into your heart chakra area and see, sense or feel white light beginning to pulse gently out from the centre of the heart. Stay in this space for a time.

3.  Sense, see or feel an Amethyst cave underneath your feet. As you tune into the crystal cave, you sense another being coming though the cave toward you. This being becomes clearer and you realise it is St Germain. He stands in front of you helping you with this violet flame transmutation.

4. See, sense or feel a beautiful violet coloured flame gently moving upward from the Amethyst cave. This violet flame begins to flow over your feet, then up your legs and gradually weaving up your body. This flame gets more intense in violet colour as it moves up your body. The violet flame cleanses your aura as well as your physical body. See or sense the flame transmuting any darkness or negative energy from every cell in your body. You are the light.

5, The flames are now covering your entire body and well over your head, cleansing and purifying anything that has been released into your auric field. Feel the sense of cleansing and calmness that the violet flame brings to you. Allow yourself to sit in this powerful, transmuting violet flame for as long as  you want.

6. When you are ready, let the violet flame recede back into the Amethyst cave. Give thanks to St Germain and the Amethyst crystal for assisting you with this cleansing and revitalising meditation. Once the energy starts to dissipate and when you are ready, gently bring your attention back to your breath, and start to bring yourself back into the here and now. Gradually open your eyes.

Know that you can visualise and work with the Violet Flame any time during the day or night if you know you are stressed or going through a change in your life. It really is a powerful tool to use each day. Do this if you are having trouble sleeping, as Amethyst does help to calm the mind.

Love and Blessings till next time… Magic Maree xx





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