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Be Who You Truly are…. Healing and Card Reading


Welcome to the Magic Maree post. My intention with this weeks post is to bring through some insights and interesting information for you that are maybe a bit on the ‘different’  and esoteric side of life! Have you been feeling that life has been a bit more crazy than usual in the past few years? Well you are not alone… There really has been a huge energetic shift on Earth, and of course WE are connected to our Earth, so also have to make some big energetic shifts within ourselves. We all go through times in life that seem Oh so too hard!! There have been many ‘AAARGHHH’ moments for me and not knowing if I will even get through some of these painful, hard lessons… but somehow I seem to come out the other side. A bit battered but much stronger. So my challenge to you is to see these ‘hard moments’ in life as the ultimate gift. To help you find out who you truly are….

“This above all, to thine own self be true”… Shakespeare (Hamlet) 

This quote was written on the index page of my leaving school book from my English Literature and Drama teacher. She knew me better than most of my teachers, so she must have seen my inability to speak my truth, instead being a ‘people pleaser’. On a deeper level as a naive, disconnected ‘country bumpkin’ 17 year old, I had no idea what this quote even meant. It was a great start though to my asking questions about what is my truth and  ‘who am I?’

Over the years, I have come to realise how important it is to actually firstly learn who I am, which then helps me to know what my truth is. Once you discern then speak and act on this truth, especially when heart based, it usually frees up others around you to be in thier truth as well. Are you in situations that you really feel uncomfortable with and know you need to learn to speak your truth more? This can also actually free up others from playing a certain role in your life that can then complete a form of karma with them.


Law Of Attraction.  This is a really important law for us to grasp… otherwise we will unwittingly attract more of the same stuff we don’t want into our lives and wonder why! Or we can understand how to maintain the flow of prosperity and positivity in our reality. Which would you rather?

This law helps us to understand that we are actually co-creators in our own world. As mentioned in the last post, what we focus on and think about, is what turns up. It may not appear how we think it will, nor in the exact timing we wanted. There is also an aspect of the universe or Divine Will at play here. We are all connected, and this ‘web of life’ is part of an intricate pattern that makes up our existence. It may be that there are a few links in the chains that are needed to be activated to bring to us our desires we have focused on. This may involve a few people being in the ‘right’ place at the ‘right time! Our idea of timing may not be the same as the Universes. We always get what we really need in perfect, divine timing. And if not exactly what we wanted, something better for us at that time in life.

How do we actually slow or stop our desire manifesting? By holding on too tightly and focusing on it NOT happening. WHY?

Because without realising it, we have changed the focus from feeling as if the ‘thing’ or desire already exists, and then put all our focus on it NOT being here. Therefore the Law of Attraction is still at work. Bringing you what you want. Which is nothing! You are simply reconfirming that your desire doesn’t exist in your world. Gratitude is the greatest form of affirming your desire. Even if it is not here… YET. Act, think and feel as if it is here. And be grateful for it, and what you already have.

I know this can seem hard to do if you are unwell or experiencing financial difficulties. Begin by acting as if you are healthy or abundant. Give thanks for the things that are healthy in your body or that you can still do! If someone you know is unwell – see them as healthy and whole. Our intention for others is also powerful and can be used as a form of ‘prayer’ with positive intent. It is always the truth for that persons Higher Self though what will occur.

So what will the first focus of intent be for yourself? Play with this Law of Attraction. Start with something simple. Think of a song you loved and haven’t heard for ages, or pick an animal you connect with. Then, first thing before you get out of bed, set your intent to ‘cross paths’ with that desire. Visualise the desire, feel what it would be like to achieve this desire within 3 days, and then say to the Universe… ” my intention is to experience the connection with (insert your desire) and I thank you for bringing this to me within 3 days.” If you wish for a million dollars, you may not truly believe at a deep level that you deserve it, so make sure you start with something simple to experience this law and become more confident.

Green butterfly with crystal
Forgotten Green Butterfly

I did this with green butterflies… (I recommend the book E2 by Pam Grout to really get you into this way of creating!) and was giggling to myself as I thought “Green butterflies don’t live around here..Where will I see green butterflies!”. However I worked with the process and by day 2 the manifestation started. I was watching a science fantasy movie, when lo and behold in one weird scene, hundreds of green butterflies flew into the car! I was impressed and delighted with my ‘creation’ but it didn’t end there! I was actually watching the movie in bed on my computer, and looked up contemplating the appearance of these green butterflies where I hadn’t expected them in the movie. It was then I  realised another green butterfly was in front of my face. I had completely forgotten there was a clear quartz crystal hanging from a magnet on my iron candelabra – and it was attached to a green butterfly! I started laughing as I had not noticed that green butterfly for years!

So BE OPEN as to how and where the ‘desire’ will manifest. Happy Attracting!! What we focus on we will create!! Wether negative or positive the universe will give us our wish.


The Transference Healing® that came through for this post, and therefore aspects of the healing for all who connect in to this site. was on a similar theme to last weeks. There is still a lot of releasing of old patterning and DNA cell memory being released from a deep level. This can manifest as physical, mental or emotional symptoms. You may not resonate with all the insights from the healing or Animal Magic Cards, but just know there will be a healing on some level for you, so be open to this.

Some of you may have been finding it difficult to make decisions or sorting out old issues with others. You can feel overwhelmed and alone with this deep clearing. This space is known as ‘being in the Void’. It can feel lonely and unsettling, though it is often a very powerful time when a lot of releasing of subconscious restrictive patterning and belief systems occur. The Void is also the space where your new gifts and talents and creative ideas begin to manifest from. So just know everything is alright – even if it feels uncomfortable. Let Go and Let God! And another of my fave sayings to get me through these times is:

‘It is always darkest just before the dawn’

So hang in there and know all is well in your world, the sun is just about to pop up over the horizon to shine it’s light on you!


The 3 Animal Magic Cards for week 2
The 3 Animal Magic Cards for this week: Thunderbird, Wolf and Frog.

The first of the 3 Animal Magic Cards cards that has come through for you is:

  • Thunderbird: Lightning Spirit.

Thunderbird is an enormous, mythical bird common to Native American religion. It has the ability to change the elements and shift energy to promote clearing. That is exactly what Thunderbird has come through to tell you – there are fast impactful changes happening now. Lots of clearing away of deep unwanted patterning and even shifting at DNA level. The Thunderbird can affect the electromagnetic body with all these changes. This could be why you have been experiencing unexplained physical ‘lightbody’ symptoms around the head, ears and neck in particular. Also sore joints or unusual heart palpations may have been occurring over this time. Get ready – things are really going to change, and for the better. Everything is perfectly divinely orchestrated so there is no need to feel overwhelmed. The orange colour surrounding the snake on the sword is really standing out, so this transition is cutting away unwanted parts of your life, allowing you to become more creative with the space that is left from this culling! For some people this may include shifts in relationships with partners, children, friends or home and career changes to be more balanced and in alignment with your soul purpose.

  • Wolf: Teacher.

The full moon is strong and clear, and the wolf howls and communicates with the moon. It was actually the full moon on the day this healing and card reading was channelled through, and the full moon was one of the most powerful for creativity and making changes to bring in the new for 2015. It is apt the Wolf has come through to help you really express yourself from your heart as you tune into your intuition and Higher Self. Remember that what we say out loud is very powerful for bringing our desires into fruition. Wolf also seems to be saying you are ready to take on new and different responsibilities at home or work. It feels like there is still some uncertainty around these new happenings, but the picture is becoming clearer. Your perception is moving from the shadows into the light. You may find people are ready to listen to you with more focus now, and this is a reminder to listen to your own inner voice more closely too. This is a very positive energy to help you through this transition and into the new way of experiencing life.

  • Frog: Rejuvenation.

Phew! Just stop and catch your breath after all this shifting and creating of new ideas into your life. If you have been feeling unwell or stressed, froggy has come through to help you rejuvenate and replenish on the emotional, physical and mental planes. The purification symbol over the water is saying you have been through a big clearing, and emotionally this may have been challenging. Even froggy looks a bit tired in this card today!! Remember to have some time out for YOU. This will allow you to relax and feel nurtured. You deserve it… book a pamper session into your diary for yourself. Even if this for you is to have a long bath, spend time in nature, meditate or to finally watch that movie that you have been meaning to see. You are important and need to rest up so your body and soul can rejuvenate. Be Still! The green is really prominent with the frog, so the heart has been doing some big releasing of deep inner child pain, Connect into the heart and if you haven’t done so already, work with the Chrysocolla meditation from last weeks post. It may be beneficial to repeat this meditation regularly at this time. Remember to LOVE yourself. You are really beginning to see another aspect of the self coming through now.

Next week tune into Magical Nature Moments and the Crystal Meditation

Love and Blessings

Magic Maree





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