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Riding the Wave of Change… Healing and Card Reading


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Each full moon this year just keeps on bringing in that energy of “Out with the old and in with the New!” This month is no different. After a short respite the March full moon has come in and there has been sudden endings and then just as sudden beginnings. Wether this is around work, personal life, belief structures or relationships it’s all being affected. Change and restructure. At the end of the day there will be an obvious shift within us that will reflect and create a new reality in our outer world. The best analogy is we are riding on a wave and there is no shore, no land. We need to move and feel in the moment to stay balanced and in the flow of this wave we call life. Easier said than done sometimes!

Full moon in March 2015
Full moon in March



The universal law of Resistance. This is an interesting rule with the universe.

What we resist.. persists! What does this actually mean? My understanding of this law is based on my own experience of having moments (or years) of being too stubborn to really look at a situation and work out what my part in creating it has been. And what is the gift in it all. We come to Earth to learn to master our emotions. Of course we have to learn to really be able to connect to them first! So part of this rule includes allowing ourselves to feel into a situation.  This can be difficult for a lot of people because emotions can seem scary and threatening to our health and wellbeing. Even our very survival. God forgive, says our Ego, if that emotion gets a hold of us we are ‘done for’. So resisting becomes a way of suppressing or avoiding emotions. For whatever personal reason or situation we have experienced that makes it ‘unsafe” to do so. We may be judged as too emotional, and not have strategies to cope, so we block the emotions again. Undesirable situations are  often created by sub-conscious belief patterning. This means it is hiding and the only way this limiting patterning is going to be seen is through what we create in our reality. The Universe helps us by manifesting people to come into our lives and act as a mirror for us. How often do you attract the SAME type of person into relationships, business or issues in different scenarios? This is your soul getting your attention to show you “Hey – its time to take a look at what is happening within your subconscious. Take responsibility. And if you won’t see it this time it’s ok, there is plenty more of the same where that came from.” Its Ground Hog Day all over again.

So how do you change from resistance to surrender? When its all too hard, Surrender is simply giving the situation to source (or God or The universe or whatever you relate to), and allowing healing and insights to come through – in Divine Timing. The first thing to do is notice the resistance. What does this look like? A good rule of thumb is if you feel uncomfortable in a situation or a person is triggering your emotions. Constantly analysing in your head  and getting into the blame game… thats usually a good sign there is something deeper that needs to be looked at.

Acknowledge your feelings, especially to yourself, and let them flow through you. Make sure you are in a safe space if you know you have been suppressing your emotions for a long time. Then ask “What is my learning in this situation? What needs to come up to be released so I can clear these patterns or beliefs that are creating my reality ?” You know the patterning has been cleared when you no longer attract those situations into your life, or those people no longer trigger you emotionally.  You may find people actually disappear from your life once you have realised and released hidden patterning. We are creating so quickly now that we need to be mindful to surrender our resistance in the moment when possible. Being grateful to that person or situation for the gift of growth is a sure sign you are well on the way to working with a new pattern or belief system!


The Transference Healing® that came through this week included clearing of Karmic Pain and releasing restrictions on all levels to allow through more of our gifts and talents. The throat and heart were the two areas that a lot of clearing has been going on. So if you have had a sore irritated throat or your heart has been emotionally hurting, you are not alone! The glands also came up to be balanced on all levels so some of you may have been feeling a little off colour physically. Sometimes when the heart is opening up more energetically there can be actual physical soreness at the back or the front of the heart chakra area. Touching the areas where the ribs joint the sternum on your front can be surprisingly tender at these times. You may have been feeling more emotional than usual. Emotions can distort our perception of a situation and cloud our vision of the truth. This can then lead to us going into resistance. And we know what happens then!  More of the same! This is a form of Karma. This will settle soon and once we have cleared the old stuff – then we allow room for the new. Hence gifts and talents such as clairaudience (being able to hear from other dimensions or be more attuned to our own inner voice) are now coming through much stronger. It may have felt chaotic lately emotionally or in life for some, but take heart, this is coming to a close and life will be more ‘in the flow’ and gentle. The words “take action and do what you need to do” came through strongly. SO if you have been putting off getting things done you will feel better if you make a start or commitment to yourself to take action now. The Animal Magic Cards also gave a lot of insight and healing as to what may have been happening for some of you.


The 3 Animal Magic Cards that came through with the healing are The Undine, Fox and Crab.


Undine, fox and crab
Animal Magic Cards include the Undine, Fox and Crab.

Undine: Water Spirit

The Undine supports the crystallisation of water. Water is also the emotional aspect of our bodies so you can see how powerful the Undine can be to help heal emotional issues going on for us at this time. Undine helps to clear painful distortions deep with the psyche. This is allowing more light to come into the body and clear the way for a shift in consciousness. Soy ou may have been feeling more ’emotional’ than usual and having negative thoughts or situations play out that are really triggering the emotions. Again the blue is really strong so for those of you with throat issues there is a clearing going on for you at a deep level. You may be learning to speak your truth in a different way or learning to communicate with yourself at a more truthful level.The ears are really prominent on the Undine so you may need to spend time quietly tuning in and listening to your inner voice for some insights or wisdom. The green then flows through to show the heart shifts that have been happening at a deeper level, maybe causing heart ache emotionally and physically. She is showing that her head is being held above water, so don’t worry, things will settle down emotionally soon. The Angels are coming through with the light to show they are supporting you in this process of change.

Fox: Detachment

The Fox helps you to detach from and release energetic plays that are created through karmic ties with people or in situations. This time the Fox is telling you to “Let it go – You don’t need this anymore. All is well in your world. Follow me.” His eyes are really looking at you with depth and wisdom. Tune into his eyes and feel this energy. The orange glow from his coat and all around the Fox is showing that there is so much creativity within you, and all that needs to be done is tune into what you really want in life. Then focus on that! We get what we focus on. The sun in the background is beginning to shine a little stronger, which shows up the tracks that are taking you on a new path. Trust your inner guidance and let go of ‘obligation’ towards others that is not really your responsibility. This is your life. Trust that the divine wisdom within you is helping you at this time.. simply ask for the help and insights and be open to the answers. It is not always what we may think so keep an open mind.

Crab: Emotion

The crab is sitting with the claws tucked up tightly as if protecting himself. His eyes and the compass image in the background is glowing with green which suggests he is really feeling the heart opening at the moment. There is also a healing on a physical level going on. This is making him feel vulnerable and not so sure of himself.  He is reminding you to allow yourself to feel into your emotions. The crab energy can help you to overcome this hypersensitivity and allow you to feel safe while making decisions within this change process. Sometimes the chest or back area around the heart can feel tender and tight when there is an energetic opening happening. The crab also works with the lymphatic system creating alchemical changes within the body that can help with healing. Remember to nurture yourself if you are feeling overwhelmed. Its ok to take some “time out”. Even if its just a quick walk on your own. Do some really big deep breathes to help release the toxins and old energy from your body. You are simply being prepared for that next new wave that is coming on the ocean over the horizon… Trust your answers will come to you so you can make your decisions knowing that is the best decision you can make for you at this time.

If you love the energy of the Animals, you can start doing your own readings daily with the beautiful Animal Magic Cards.

Have an amazing week. Much love and Blessings

Magic Maree xxx






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