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How has your Full Moon week in Scorpio been travelling?

Wow..what a ride! The Scorpio full moon energy has been bringing up plenty of deep unresolved hurts and traumas to be acknowledged and cleared. Combined with the solar flares that have been changing and raising the frequency of the Global Grid that surrounds and supports the Earth, we have been in a time of real change.

Scorpio Full Moon
Beautiful strong and deep Scorpio energy from the Magical May full moon

What I noticed with the Grid that surrounds the Earth is that a single new grid line “energetic overlay’ had appeared following the solar flares. This showed up as a red/orange/gold colour in what is normally a white flowing grid line. This energy then began to merge into the usual grid lines. The merging of this new energy has triggered and brought up the feminine aspect within each of us to be worked with. So any suppression of sexual wounding/ trauma, abuse of the feminine principle or power from this or other lifetimes is now being exposed for us to heal our patterning around this. And then to create a new reality in our world. Women have been judged as less than for over 2000 years when the feminine principle was suppressed and a new patriarchal rule emerged. It is now time for this wounding and judgement to be released and bring about more balance within everyone, male and female, into a more androgynous way of being. This then allows us to express and experience from the feminine or masculine energy.

So the Univerrsal Law to have a play with this week is:



When you judge others, you are in fact, simply judging an aspect of the self.

What the?? I can hear your indignant reaction to this Universal Law. The law that is constantly being presented to us via people and situations that we feel we have every right to judge, then usually condemn and then, finally pronounce our own personal justice sentence over.

In truth, our vibratory field can ONLY attract to us what we truly believe, either consciously or subconsciously. So what does this really mean? Check back to a previous post on The Law of Attraction to gain more insight into how we attract certain situations and experiences into our lives.

A few rules of thumb with this Law to make you aware that there is a situation playing out that you really need to go within yourself to check what is really being triggered include:

1. Gossip. The urge to gossip about someone and their behaviour or situation usually indicates there is something for you to also look at that is vibrating in your energy with this aspect. If you are looking at the situation as a learning or trigger to do a self check and need to talk it through from that point of view with someone, or how to approach speaking your truth – different story.  Thats great.

2. Ego. If the urge to make out that we are BETTER than someone else because of how we behaved compared to them in a situation is a dead give away we are maybe feeling insecure. The need to put someone else down to make ourselves feel better about us is a great sign to stop and maybe give ourselves more self love and encouragement!

3. Trigger. What intent, words or actions have triggered you because of a situation or person. Sometimes this is a great opportunity to go deep within and look at our ‘hidden’ limiting belief systems or patterning that may be from our family, DNA, this or other lifetime experiences.  Any judgement of ANYTHING, especially is there is an emotional charge around it,  is a great opportunity to find your truth from the situation. Are you judging yourself in your head in a similar way the other person or situation is reflecting back to you? We are often our own harshest critics. We get so used to hearing the negaive speak in our head that we need a reminder from ‘our mirror outside’ us to show us we are creating a distortion in our reality. Be kind to yourself and others.

4. Action. Sometimes in a given situation we need to speak our truth. Especially if that is something that we tend to NOT do or have difficulties with. Firstly though, if possible, take the time to sit quietly and see what your issue is with the situation. Then acknowledge and feel what you found has come up – don’t be afraid of your emotions. E – MOTION is simply a movement of energy! Then letting the feeling go with love. Have the intent to be grateful for the experience and set a new positive belief system in its place. Then if you feel that you need to express your truth to the person, remember the gift from the experience. They have simply been playing a role for you in this case scenario!!

So… whenever you hear someone gossiping or using a situation to make themselves look better, ask “What is going on for you so that you feel the need to judge this person?” Or indeed, ask yourself that very question!! And then find the gift in the insight you allow to come through. In fact, see how MANY insights or gifts you can get from each seemingly ‘annoying’ situation.


There is always some truth for you personally somewhere in these healings’, as my intention is for anyone that tunes into the post, receive exactly what they need to. There is always a frequency shift that will happen for you at some level. So take the time to tune into the energy coming in for you. The message from the Transference Healing® that came through this week was very much around change and learning to speak our truth in situations. So many of us hold back on what we truly need to express for fear of ‘hurting’ others or what others might think of us. Bah humbug!! If we speak to another person or being from our heart with integrity, without dumping emotionally, then that is the best we can ask of ourselves. It is very healing to be able to speak our truth especially in situations that we may have previously felt intimidated with or in.

Some of us may have felt we have had our ‘back to the wall’ with no clear answer or solution to a situation, way of life or relationship. We may have felt over tired or exhausted. Neck pain and headaches may have been common especially in the week of the solar flares. This change that is happening is from deep within our DNA and nervous system. Ancient lineage patterning and belief systems that we have been creating our experiences from are now shifting. It can sometimes take a little time for this change to show up within our reality around us. Old karmic ties and relationships are being cleared away now so you can create from a new space. Lower back pain has been a common symptom with these changes and physical rejuvenation came up to be worked with. So you will get some more energy back in the upcoming weeks. Phew.

The other big shift that is happening is actually occurring on an inter-dimensional level. This can cause some the physical symptoms like nausea. Feelings of sea sickness or strange ‘movement’ when you are sitting/lying still have been occurring. Not seeing cars or people on the roads until they are almost on top of you as we work with this new inter-dimensional shifts are common too. This is an aspect of the new grid energy that has come through. So take care and be mindful of which dimension you are in!! This shift in frequency affects us all differently. Don’t be surprised if you feel a slight tingling or burning in your crown as these new frequencys’ come into your being.. simply remember to stay grounded and allow the energy to flow through you. Remember all is well in your world.



The 3 Animal Magic Cards that came through with this healing include the Centaur, Crab and Thunderbird:

These 3 cards have come through for your reading Centaur, Crab and Thunderbird
These 3 Animal magic Cards that have come through for your reading include Centaur, Crab and Thunderbird











  • Centaur: Healer

Mythology shows Centaurs as half horse half man. They held the reputation of being warlike and struggled between the balance of good and evil in life. Chiron was the Centaur that was different from this general group of beings. He was known for his healing ability as a Master Healer. Chiron shows us that we are here to learn how to ‘heal thyself”. As soul beings we come onto the Earth plane with a ‘soul wounding’ that we are here to master and integrate. Each of us has a particular Chiron wounding (more understanding of this on a personal level can be found in the Beyond Doorways Book or when receiving a Transference Healing® session) depending on what our soul has chosen to experience in this lifetime. So when we are going through an initiation or being ‘pushed’ in a change process of growth, we can tend to go back into our old, sometimes destructive patterns of behaviour.

In the card with this reading there is a lot of activity in the cosmos behind the Centaur including the full moon. This months full moon is in Scorpio as well so it may feel as though there is a lot of  chaos going on in your life. When Centaur comes up in a reading it is showing us there is an ongoing transition or an opportunity to release deep DNA/cellular memory wounding. This can cause uncomfortable symptoms on a physical,  mental or emotional level. So don’t be surprised if you have had neck/back pain, heart palpitations, tiredness or been feeling  emotionally vulnerable. Also know that if these symptoms are coming up – it’s ok. They will settle as the shift or transition brings through more understanding and new inner gifts for us. Have the courage to feel the fear and do it anyway.. ask the universe/God/Higher Self for help if you need it!! Anytime. Remember to get out of your head with any negative self talk. Be grateful for what you already have. This is a wonderful time to allow healing from old relationships to happen as well as any old sexual trauma. We have mastered many gifts and talents in other lifetimes which have sometimes been blocked from wounding – the Centaur energy helps us to bring through these gifts and talents. Like everything in life though we have to let go of the old to create room to bring in the new!


  • Crab: Emotion

Crab represents the water which is based around emotion. Sometimes we hold on to old relationships or ways of being to make us feel emotionally secure. Mr Crab has come through to help you to open your heart and release old painful emotions so your heart space can expand.  At this moment in time, though, you may feel as though you have had enough. This is a perfect place to be.  It is now, in this moment, that you can let go. Breathe. As you let go this is when the healing and miracles happen. Light is pouring in through the body of the crab. This is showing that the new energy that has been pouring into the Earths Gridline is also resonating into you. This causes shifts deep within our cells, and this release can cause some emotional moments. Allow yourself to feel these emotions without judgement. Crab has come through to support you in this shift. Again, this is a wonderful opportunity to allow change to help raise your vibration, and remind you how to bring yourself into a place of peace. Physically the Crab helps to balance the lymphatic system and alchemical body to help create healing within. So allow this deep emotional healing to happen knowing you are safe and supported by Crab.


  • Thunderbird: Lightning Spirit.

Thunderbird is an enormous, mythical bird common to Native American religion. It has the ability to change the elements and shift energy to promote clearing. And HES BACK!! This card has only just recently come through in a reading in the Be who you truly are Healing and Card Reading post week. Thats because there is so much electro-magnetic energy coming onto the Earth at the moment that affects us, since we are created from and connected to the Earth. The orange and gold of the sword is really standing out this time as it is reflecting the new colours that have come through into the earths Grid lines to be integrated. Light is also pouring down through the crown chakra at the top of the head. This help bring new vibrations through, in turn presenting through the beak and reminding us to speak our truth in situations, from the heart. There are new opportunities and new beginnings coming through soon so be positive that all this change will allow the new into your reality. Thunderbird energy is awesome as it moves these shifts and clearings through quickly. Yaaaay!! So even if it feels intense just know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and a lot of new beginnings for you to choose from and enjoy. So call on Thunderbird if you need help to finish off this internal  ‘clean out’. The Thunderbird can resolve issues from a deep level seemingly overnight.

So enjoy your week.. remember be grateful for your experiences and lessons. You have co-created them! Choose to see the positive in your journey – for that is then what you will create more of in life.

Blessings and love till next week

Magic Maree xxx








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