Grounding into the Earth

Part 2: Allow yourself to connect with the new Earth… Magical Nature Moments and Waterfall Meditation.

Magical Nature Moments:

When was the last time you visited a waterfall?

Natural waterfall at Cedar Creek

The wonderful sound of water pouring continuously onto the rocks below is soothing and unique. And the animals that live in this environment are also usually unique. One of the beautiful creatures that live around the Cedar Creek Nature trail and  Waterfall was out enjoying the sunshine a few weeks ago. He casually moved around on the grass into a more sunny spot as the shade from the trees covered him.

I managed to get a photo of him moving himself back into the sunshine. He was such a cool dude. He would have been nearly as tall as me top to toe and certainly wasn’t afraid as I moved closer to take his photo. It had been very wet with huge storms over the past 3 days so it was obvious he was enjoying thawing out again. The Lizard symbolically is about our self-worth, and helps  you overcome feelings of limitation and fear around what other people think of you. So if you have been wanting to get a new venture up and running or want to make new friendships, know that you are truly worthy to be successful. And you do deserve people around you that you accept you for who you are. So it was wonderful to run into Mr Lizard and remember, nature always has a message for us. It’s wether we contemplate that message and help ourselves to live the life we truly deserve through knowing our own self-worth. So what was your magical nature moment this week?

Happy Lizard sun-baking
Happy Lizard sun-baking


Magical Crystals:

After being at the waterfall I felt it would be a great opportunity to take a closer look at the Clear Quartz Crystal this week. The beautiful white light that streams out from the Clear Quartz reminded me of the wonderful rejuvinating water cascading over the rock walls to the Earth below.

Clear Quartz  Crystal cluster
Clear Quartz Crystal cluster with formed points

Clear Quartz Crystal:

This crystal is the most potent healing and energy amplifier on the planet. It can unblock energy and can be programmed with prayer and intention just like programming a computer. It raises energy to the highest level and helps to work on each person wherever that energy is needed to release blocks and bring the body back into balance. Clear Quartz is used to amplify the attributes of other crystals when used in energy healing. This crystal is used to create wands and in particular vogel wands that used to clear precise areas of the chakras or body.



1. As usual begin your meditation by creating a calm, relaxed space for yourself. If possible have 3 x white candles burning as this raises the energy of a room. Play relaxing music to help increase the ambience. You can burn incense or use sage smoke to help clear the area before you meditate. Now if you have a piece of clear quartz crystal hold this on your lap or place it in front of you as you sit or lie comfortably. If not, simply have the intention of the clear quartz being with you.

2. Take a deep breathe in and as you breathe out let go of any stress or negative thoughts that you have inside. Gently repeat this breathe and each time you breathe out allow your shoulders to relax and let go just a little more.

3. Once you are in a calm place, take your awareness into your heart. See, sense or feel the Clear Quartz crystal sitting in the centre of your heart. Now imagine white light beginning to expand out from your heart centre. This white light moves into your whole body, cleansing and rejuvenating every cell in your body. The light has its own intelligence and brings through exactly what you need to clear any blockages. Sit in this space for a while.

4. Now imagine yourself standing in a rain forest. See, sense or feel the trees and beautiful forest surrounding you. You can hear the birds singing and the sounds of the forest around you. In the distance you hear the hum of the waterfall. Gently move towards the noise of the waterfall. You can feel the air becoming humid and damp from the mist of the water.

5. As you move out into the clearing the waterfall noise becomes louder. You see the beautiful water fall cascading down in front of you. But this is no ordinary waterfall. The rocks are made from pure clear quartz crystal, and the water is actually pure white light from the core of the crystal.

6. You move to a path that leads you directly under the crystal waterfall. A ledge juts out from the base of the waterfall and you move onto this area. The white light waterfall now is pouring over you too, from your crown (top of the head) chakra all the way over your body and into each chakra of your being. Stand and allow the crystal water to wash away any stress, fears or concerns that you have. Feel the peace and joy begin to birth from deep within you. Stay in this space for a while.

7. If you want you can dive into the beautiful crystal light pool below and swim and soak in the healing energy. Otherwise simply stay standing in the crystal waterfall. Ask for clarity from your inner guidance at this point if you need help with any situation in your life.

8. When you are ready, let yourself come back into the here and now. Gently begin to feel your feet and focus on your breathing to help ground you back into this reality.

9. Thank the clear quartz crystal for being with you through the meditation. Know that you can visit this crystal waterfall any time you need some peace or rejuvenation in your life.

Have a wonderful week and check in next week for the healing and card reading.

Lot of love and blessings

Magic Maree xxx




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