Wave ride of change

Part 2: Riding the Wave of Change: Magical Nature Moments and Crystal Meditation.

Magical Nature Moments:

A Whales tale…

So whats so special about Whales I hear you ask? Yes they are majestic to watch in the water. Yes they are REALLY BIG!! And man has always had this fasination with watching whales breaching and moving out along the horizon on the ocean. There is much more to them than meets the eye though.. and in this post we will look at why the whale is so important on this Earth energetically.

Having grown up in South West of Western Australia and in the country on the coast I was blessed to be surrounded by nature.

Every August the hump back whales and their calves would rest out in thebeautiful heart shaped bay of Esperance. They were a constant part of my child hood and were part of the inspiration for me to take up scuba diving. Over the years I have been fortunate enough to spend time with whales and even swim with the whale sharks.

Orca at Bremer Bay
The Orca coming up to say “hello”

This February was even more special when it came to ‘whales’. Along with my nephew and sister we travelled to Bremer Bay on our way back to our home town of Esperance.  We experience an amazing day 1.5 hours off shore in “Bremer Canyon”. The ocean depth fell from an average of 72m down to between 1-4 KM once we were off the continental shelf. This is where the big fishes came to feed for about 2 months of the year. And boy were they big!

And with them came the Orca Whales!! Orcas are actually of the Dolphin family, though they are the King of the Jungle within the sea. There were an array of big fish – long finned pilot whales, hammerhead sharks, dolphins and then the Orca.


Long Finned Pilot Whales
Long Finned Pilot Whales in pods of 20 or so

Whales and Dolphins have a unique role to play energetically on this Earth. They actually stay ‘connected’ to source throughout their entire incarnation here on Earth and their brain is as complex as a humans. The Dolphins frequency that is emitted actually tunes into the Grid Lines of the Earth that are an electro-magnetic energetic meridian system. This frequency grid is also essential for humans to help increase our lightbody vibration and clear our physical body. The Dolphin carries Sirian energy in its sonar system. Dolphins communicate and express themselves with mental telepathy, physical movement and frequency sounds. This in turn helps us as humans to increase our frequency.

Whales carry the memories of the Earths history within their DNA. They emit ‘songs’ where the frequency can help to reveal DNA coding from within us. They are also known to help with re-coding and their songs can be picked up by other whales hundreds of miles apart from each other. It is believed they also help to clear the “song lines” or meridian grids of the Earth. Listening to whale and dolphin sounds through music is relaxing and calming. It always fills me with joy and wonder when I sense or see the whales or dolphins around.
After returning to shore from spending so much time with the Dolphins and Whales, it was obvious that some sort of ‘shift’ had happened not just for me, but for all of us. We were all in a very peaceful place but couldn’t stop giggling. The beautiful sea creatures and the ocean had woven their magic for us.

So if you ever get the opportunity to spend time with these amazing creatures in the wild – jump at it with both arms open. Its a truly incredible experience.

And remember.. tune in to what nature is trying to teach you by noticing the animals and insects around you. They will often have a message for you. So set the intention of being aware of whats happening in nature around you!!


Magical Crystals:

Chrysocolla is the actual crystal connected to dolphins and mermaids. Since we looked at the chrysocolla and have done a mediation with this crystal in Welcome to the Magic Maree website: Part 2  the next crystal that wanted to come through was Larimar. This crystal has similar properties to Chyrsocolla as it also works with the heart and brings through peace. It is a ‘spiritual’ stone that opens us to new dimensions, connects us to angels and Larimar helps us easily move into a meditative state. So it is also perfect if you have had issues thinking you ‘can’t meditate”!!

Larimar Crystal
Larimar Crystal

It helps remove self blockages and constraints as well as self-sabotaging behaviour such as ‘martyrdom’. (This is a good one for women and especially Mothers.) It helps alleviate guilt and release fear. Mentally Larimar brings serenity, calmness and the ability to ‘go with the flow’. Larimar holds the essence of the time of Lemuria which was a much higher vibration frequency that we existed in than now. It also connects to the grids of the Earth and Goddess energy which helps women connect into their femininity. So in essence larimar is very nurturing and calming, radiating love and peace. The mediation that has come through for you with Larmiar takes us into the realms of the age of Lemuria. Allow the gentle soft energy from this ancient time on Earth expand your awareness of who you truly are and where you have come from…

Lemurian energy Meditation with Larimar:

You can tape the meditation before hand if you want to fully relax and experience the amazing energy of Lemuria.

1. As always when meditating, find a space where you have relative quiet without being disturbed. Make sure you are comfortably sitting with your spine straight in a chair or on the floor supported with cushion under you, or resting comfortably where you will not just fall asleep!

2. Set the scene with some meditative music playing, and if you have them some candles lit. 3 x white candles helps to raise the frequency in a room, though any will be fine. Having a clear quartz crystal near them enhances the energy.

3. If you have a Larimar crystal you can hold the crystal or place it near you. If not simply call the energy of the Larimar crystal through to be with you for this meditation.

4. Take a deep breathe, feeling into your abdomen as you breathe. Bring the breath in, deeply expanding your lungs. Hold for 5 seconds then slowly release the breathe. Check to see where your shoulders are situated at this point. Are they tight and up near your ears? Take another breath in and again allow your lungs to fully expand. Hold for 5 – then as you slowly release the breath consciously drop your shoulders at the same time so they are also relaxed. Move your neck around gently releasing any stress from being held tightly all day.

5. Now gently close your eyes and let your mind settle. Take your awareness to your heart area. Feel, sense or see white light beginning to pulse from your heart. This white light gently expands outward to the rest of your body. It fills each cell with a  beautiful white frequency. It gently clears and revitalises you. Feel the light in every part of your body. Now allow it to expand out from the body to form a gentle white mist around you.

6. The white light merges with more mist floating toward you… let yourself sit in this gentle mist for a time. Feel peace and relaxation flowing through you.

7. After a few minutes you notice the mist clearing. A landscape appears before you. It is not anything you have ever seen before. There is an ocean of still calm water before you. The water is a beautiful pale green/blue. It is surrounded by large crystal formations and the rocks are made of ‘ethereal’ like crystals of all shapes and colours. The Larimar crystal rocks that surround the water are smooth and almost transparent.

8. Feel, see or sense the fine white crystal sand beneath your feet. It is soft, gentle and nurturing, for this is the energy of Lemuria. Gently move to touch the ‘ethereal’ crystal formations. Explore the soft energy coming from within them. Then gently walk into the calm water to whatever depth you feel comfortable. Soak in  the nurturing vibration of the green/blue ocean surrounding and supporting you. Let yourself float in this healing vibration for a time.

9. Now while you are in the water connect into the Larimar Crystal. Feel the Larimar Crystal essence flowing through your heart and then washing all over you. Enjoy this nurturing vibration. Ask for any healing for deep within your heart or relationships that needs to happen. Allow the Lemurian energy to bring through release and peace into your heart.

10. Sit in this space for a while. Then thank the Lemurian energy for helping you with this healing. When you are ready bring yourself gently back into the here and now. Breathe and focus on moving your toes and fingers. Once you are more grounded, gently open your eyes.

Remember the feeling of peace and calm that the Larimar brought you during the mediation if you feel yourself becoming stressed in every day life.

Have a wonderful week. Over the next few posts the meditations will also be available in voice recording to make it easier to enjoy.


Much love and blessings until next week


Magic Maree xxx





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