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Your truth vs THE truth… Healing and Card Reading


Mercury has been retrograde again for a few weeks, and though that is officially finished the shadow of the retrograde remains, so it helps to be mindful of this when planning getting to appointments or communicating with others. Mercury is related to electro magnetic energy and communication, so allow a little more time to get to places and treat stressful situations (such as computers and phones playing up) with a dose of humour to help lighten the intense energy around at the moment. The reading that came through for everyone this week is reflective of the intense energy. It is also an amazing opportunity to stay in your power through circumstances that can potentially ‘push your buttons’. Remember just because we see a situation one way does not mean that same perspective is seen by someone else. Are you trying to control the other person through fear or judgement by insisting your perspective is the true one?

Balanced and Responsive
Stay balanced and responsive

Remember to use these situations as an opportunity to grow on all levels.  Test yourself to RESPOND rather than REACT!! There is a huge potential for change during these times. So if you have the intention to release old outdated sub-conscious patterning, the universe will provide situations for you to allow these hidden fears and behaviours to be exposed. 90% of change is awareness so simply bringing them up for your ‘aha’ moment can set in motion the shifting and releasing of these often restricting patterns and beliefs. Also know that it is the people closest to us that are often the ones to be the person that ‘shows’ us what it is we need to see. So don’t shoot the messenger if you have asked for awareness and change. Respond (take re-sponsibility) for your part in co-creating situations and see it for what it truly is. What is the situation showing you? What can you look for inside yourself that has been hidden to you, and is now being revealed through the reflection of others, and potentially emotionally charged situations? Use the new moon energy from the 16th to create new beginnings for yourself.



We have discussed the Universal Law of Attraction before. This time however, the Law of Pivoting the Problem is putting a different spin on that earlier discussion. So what does this mean?

If you have been focusing on what is causing you pain or discomfort, then to PIVOT that thought or focus is to ask the question -What do I really want? Then of course, you begin to have gratitude for what you actually do want to experience. Instead of focusing on what you don’t have. This is pivoting from the problem to focusing on the solution. Even if that particular thing may not be in your actual reality at the moment – you start having gratitude and ‘feel’ as if it already exists for you. This powerful act of pivoting is essential for actually then drawing that experience to you.

Sometimes it can feel almost impossible to do this if we are not feeling positive or are tired and feel like things never go our way. So I suggest you use it as a game with yourself. Every time your mind wants to take you into the ‘I don”t have this in my life.. I really want that’ change it to ‘I’m so grateful to have this in my life, I love how it feels to have .(what it is)… in my life now’. Then sit and actually feel as if that particular thing is now in your life. It may sound a bit crazy but it does work! Of course, you need to be mindful when the universe puts people or opportunities in your path so the thing you want can come into fruition, to actually take the action needed to create it. Have fun with this PIVOTING and playing that mind game with yourself. The only true game here on Earth at the end of the day is with ourselves.


The Transference Healing® that I did this week for the post seemed to ring true for a lot of people that felt as if they had been in chaos. A lot of people have suffered from physical symptoms such as colds and flu’s. Not much fun when there is a lot going on in life. What is that physical discomfort actually trying to tell you? Do you need to stop and nurture yourself? See what aspects of the healing and card reading resonate for you.

What came through with the healing was some energy blocks in particular around the Solar Plesus (stomach) area, and the hips and lower back. You may have been feeling low level anxiety for no particular reason. Some grounding was done to help shift this blockage and move the new frequency through the body. Some issues around the throat and headaches may also have been prevalent this time. Remember to speak your truth in situations, but always from your heart. A lot of new frequency is coming through for people so the Pineal gland especially is being activated and can cause these headaches to come and go. The chemicals and hormones released when the Pineal gland is activated helps us bring back through more of our clairvoyance (clear seeing or ability to see more psychically). If you have been feeling quite sad for no reason or a bit flat and depressed, there is a lot of old clearing and grief being released at the moment. This heart and brain clearing is also allowing more connection with our own Higher Self (or as I call it the “smart part” of ourselves that sees the bigger picture).

So I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some heart palpitations or even sore tender areas around the chest or ribs. This is often the case when we are releasing deep pain and moving into a deeper chamber of the heart. It’s all good though as we are always protected and our higher self is always there for us to connect into to help guide us through our day. Ask to connect into the Higher Self and get that guidance every morning. Start to trust yourself more and  you will find things will flow a little more smoothly.


The three Animal Magic Cards that came through with messages for you this time are the Bee, Elephant and Dragon.

The Bee, Elephant and Dragon Animal Magic Cards
The Bee, Elephant and Dragon Animal Magic Cards
  • Bee: Light Worker

The Bee symbolises the light, and bees wax has been used to form Candles that adorn sacred temples and shrines over the centuries. The bee also represents the Sacred Female Leadership, sensuality, love and immortality. When looking into the Bee card there is a very bright, dominant light within the abdomen area. Something new appears to be birthing from within and the many baby bees that are really prominent in the card near the queen bee confirm this. So don’t be surprised if new opportunities and possibilities are coming your way. You may have been feeling some symptoms such as nausea or anxiety in your stomach, this is often simply a sign that there is change happening. Stay in your power and remember to keep reminding yourself you are safe and all is well in your world. The books that are under the queen bee are really glowing with light which tells me there is some new wisdom and insights coming through for you around your belief system and manifesting abilities. This is the ‘aha’ moment you have been looking for, though it may not be what you are expecting. Expect the unexpected with this Mercury in retrograde, but it is positive for self-realisations. If you are working within a group situation or more people than usual the bee magic can help you heal and release your fear of failure, maintain your self worth or heal a sense of abandonment within this situation. The bee also help clear etheric negative energy or emotions. So you will start to feel more balanced and rejuvenated.

  • Elephant: Unconditional Love

The two elephants in this magic card are really connecting with each other and supporting each other. The love and connection shown in their eyes is expressing compassion and caring. In reality, that love and compassion is you showing yourself love. Even if you judge yourself critically and harshly in your own mind, it is time to love yourself unconditionally, no matter what is going on. The elephant is known for being compassionate, loving, gentle and kind. So maybe it is time for you to stop beating yourself up in your head and connect into that beautiful heart of yours. Love yourself – take a big breath and take your awareness into your heart to really feel this self love. The elephant is also helping you to open your heart more and release painful issues that have been held there for a long time. Allow forgiveness for yourself and others. This really fits with the healing that showed heart symptoms such as palpitations or general chest aches/pains are allowing more expansion of the heart, and helping you move into a deeper aspect of the heart. The elephant supports you with this shift.

  • Dragon: Divine Will

The Dragon has long been associated with magic and mystery. It is powerful and is an intelligent magical creature that has been known to guard treasures and sacred objects, especially in temples and sacred sites. Dragon Power is one of the most powerful protectors of all the mythical creatures. Dragon also helps to open the heart and release negative energy from our energy field. Dragon energy heals and empowers us, and the Dragon card this time showed Dragon being very strong, larger than usual and spreading his wings in a way that is protective. With all the chaos going on at the moment Dragon can help you hold your power and balance in stressful situations. The Clear Quartz crystal under the Dragon is really glowing so if you have one at home tune into the crystal and ask for clarity with any situation. If you don’t have one, our intent is enough to bring through the energy of Clear Quartz crystal. The meditation from last post also included the Clear Quartz crystal waterfall meditation and is really helpful for rejuvenating, clearing and bringing us back into balance. So check that out and work with the crystal energy. Another really healing tool you can use easily is a “Green Colour bath”. Simply see, sense or feel the beautiful green colour moving up from the ground over your entire body and aura. This is also very healing if you have been feeling flu/cold symptoms. So ask the Dragon to come through for protection if you feel a situation is too much for you. Keep remembering to breathe and know that you will learn a lot from each situation that comes to you.

Have an amazing week. If you feel you would like a reading or healing contact me to organise a distant or face/face session. Love from Magic Maree xxx





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