Reality Shifts

Reality Shifts…. Who are we again? Reading and Healing

This weeks Animal Magic Card reading and Transference Healing® help to clear some space for the big shifts and changes that are helping us to change our reality.


I dont know about you but there has been quite a lot of upheaval around with the intense energy this week. So many people are going through really big shifts and changes still .. and its uncomfortable to say the least. But things are settling down and after the shift comes the gift.

(For those of you checking this out from Magic Maree face book these are the photos you saw so then read about your card choice below and then the healing that came through) If you would like to experience a reading/healing with friends check out MMs Party Group Bookings.

Choose your Animal Magic Card for the week

This was confirmed with the Animal Magic Cards that came up which included: The Dragonfly, Leopard and Turtle.



Animal Magic Cards
Animal Magic Cards: Dragonfly, Leopard and Turtle.


  • Dragonfly: Clarity

The Dragonfly often comes though to depict when we have been in a dreamtime state and the breaking down of illusion. This can feel painful as the change is often happening on a deep level. What this process does do though is opens you up to a new perspective on life and seeing situations in a much different way. The green of the wings and on the Earth shows that this process involves a deep pain release from within the heart, and this can often bring up deep grief. You may have been feeling a little emotional and crying for no reason lately. We often try and work out a reason for the feelings, when sometimes it is simply this deep release we are going through. Just go with it, sit in the contemplative state and know it will bring through many gifts. You are releasing your deepest fears and connecting to your true or higher self on a deeper level. The purple is very strong in the card which shows that the 3rd eye is opening up more to allow you to see things from the ‘psychic mind’ and have more intuition in situations. Dragonfly releases doubt and opens you up to more possibilities. You are in the process of creating change for yourself to create more positive outcomes. Hang in there!!

  • Leopard: Transference

The Leopard has been seen by a lot of cultures as a symbol of fertility, passion and sensitivity. In this reading he is gazing out into the distance and the feeling is “Do I trust what I see, and do I know what I really want?” Again this is a time of change and going through a ‘transference shift’. It is uncomfortable but the rewards of growth are worth the discomfort. If we never felt uncomfortable we would never grow, change and expand. Leopard helps you conquer your deepest fears and release old dogmatic ideas and beliefs. You obviously need to change how you create and releasing these belief systems is the only way to shift your reality. Phew – it can feel a bit overwhelming at times though. Just watch if you feel anger and frustration in certain situations as this is showing you what is resistant within  you. Have the intention of staying balanced and centred. If we place the intention in our through process when we know we are going through a shift, it tends to help us remember to stay calm, if a stressful situation does come up at any moment. This then helps us to be more trusting of our instincts. We then can release negative thought patterns and the tendency to become depressed through these changes.

  • Turtle: Gaia

The Turtle is seen by most cultures as the symbol of Mother Earth, and indeed, some believe that Mother Earth was created from the Turtle shell. The feeling coming from the Turtle card seems to be that you have been feeling a little lost or confused at times lately. You could need to slow down and get grounded. She will help you to do this. Take time out to recognise how much you have actually achieved, and what it is that needs to be completed. The light pouring in through the head of the Turtle seems to then flow on to the right side. This confirms what came up in the healing with there being the possibility of shoulder or back/neck pain from the energy changes coming through. You may have been feeling a buzzing or burning feeling coming through the top of the head lately too. This is simply your higher self (or smart part of you as I call it!) bringing through more light into your body. Remember to breathe. Deep breathes help us to ground and allow this new frequency through more easily. If we are ‘upgrading’ our energy then so is the Earth. Solar flares will trigger a shift for the Earths energy grid. Remember to connect into he energetic grid line to help you stay grounded and to get out of your head. You can do this by picturing your feet connecting into the grid lines around the Earth. I will do a meditation with this in the next meditation post to help you learn how to do this every day. You may have had some neck pain or headaches with the solar flares causing the energy shift. I usually find that is the main reason for my headaches on the rare occasion when I do get them.

Read down to find our what came through in the healing this time. You will resonate with the aspects that are relevant for you, just know that you will receive an energetic alignment in whatever way you need to from it.


This weeks healing was powerful as a lot of new energy has been flowing in through the crown chakra and may have been causing some tingling or a hot burning feeling on the top of the head. When a new frequency or more light is coming into the body there has to be a release of the old for it to be able to ground through. Agitation and fear of the unknown came through, and that is what some of us are working on at the moment. You may have been experiencing an emotional release from the heart that showed up through the Dragonfly Card. It is simply a deeper letting go from old painful wounding when we were children or from other life times that are now ready to release the patterning from those experiences. This allows a new perception of life to manifest and helps to change circumstances in our life that may have been frustrating us at some level. Yaay! Its about time. True reality shifts can now occur in our life. The throat was worked on as well and the immune system needed some strengthening. I know a lot of people have been unwell with flu and throat infections, so this did not surprise me. Remember having a cold or flu is sometimes our bodies way of giving us the message to take some nurturing time out and allow the ‘letting go’ process do it’s magic. The right shoulder/back of neck area showed up a few times so there was some release of this blockage, and the violet flame was needed to help purify the heavy energy being released from at this time. You can get the violet flame meditation from my previous post by clicking here.  Remember to keep grounded by doing simple things such as taking off yours shoes and walking on the grass, or consciously connecting into Mother Earth and into her energy grid lines. This helps the energy move through a lot more easily. The Crystal Amber came through which is very nurturing and rejuvenating. Amber is derived from trees. This is another crystal I will include in the mediation and magic crystal moment next post. So, keep nurturing yourself, know there are wonderful changes heading your way and stay positive.

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Lots of love and have an amazing week

Blessings till next time

Magic Maree xxx


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