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New Frequency: It’s time to seed your ideas.. Healing and Reading

The Animal Magic Card reading and Transference Healing® at this time helps us to prepare the ‘ground’ that we can plant our creative thoughts and ideas into. Remember, intention is the powerful fertiliser that helps our visions and ideas push their way up through the rich earth, to become reality. There has been a time of change and shifting , and then a time of stillness. Now is the time to allow the great ideas and creative thoughts to come through for preparation to take action….


There has been an incredible cosmic portal/doorway opening from the 6th of August that has allowed a new frequency or energy onto the Earth. This frequency continues to build up to the end of September and is now a permanent aspect of us and the Earth. So if you have been feeling a bit dizzy or scattered and not grounded this is one of the main reasons at the moment.

Let me explain what happens when a new frequency flows from the cosmos to the Earth. This was orchestrated with the alignment of 3 major planets, Regulis with Jupiter and Mercury. These 3 planets in turn lined up with 3 major grid points on Earth, including the pyramids of Giza, Mount Zion and this revealed the true location of Mount Sianai. The portal that opened up in the cosmos to allow this frequency through to the Earth created an opportunity for us to all have a major shift in consciousness. And still is. Mother Earth receives this energy through the Global Grid Matrix, which is a type of meridian grid, set up to help the Earth to increase her vibration. We are also the channels to bring this energy through and help ground it into the Earth and integrate it into our body.

We are all connected to the Earth, so in turn, this increase in vibration pushes us to also increase our vibration. But as we know, to bring in the new, we have to throw out some of the old. This is why it can feel a little chaotic and uncomfortable at times. We may have felt a bit more emotional than usual and have had issues coming up with loved ones, or people that we associate with closely, including work colleagues. Just know this is a great opportunity to take responsibility for our own ‘stuff’. No need to judge ourselves just feel the old, unneeded beliefs and patterns that are coming up to be released, and let them go. Thank the person that is pushing your buttons, because even though it is not comfortable, they are showing us what no longer serves us.

A great meditation to do at this time is to sit in a relaxed state and connect into the actual cosmic portal, or doorway, that the frequency is coming through. See, sense or feel the energy flowing down through the top of  your head (crown chakra) and all the way through your body, into every cell. Bring the new frequency into your aura and then let it flow all the way down into the core of the Earth. Once you have reached the core of the Earth, see or feel the energy mixing with the white light from Gaia, and bring this new vibration up, up, up into your feet, legs, torso, chest, heart and then neck and head and again all over your body and aura. Allow this energy to flow continuously from the cosmos to Gaia though you, and back up again. If you can, see your heart as the middle point of this exchange. This exercise will help you to release and clear old limited beliefs and ideas, and allow a new way of being to come in.


The Animal Magic Cards that have come through to help support you at this time include: Pegasus, Elephant and Wolf.

Animal Magic Cards
The Animal Magic Cards include Pegasus, Elephant and Wolf.

Pegasus: Integrity

Pegasus is the amazing horse with wings from Greek Mythology. He often comes up in a reading when there has been an initiation or big decision making process that has occurred or is still in process. There could be a situation going on around you involving family, friends or work colleagues that are bring up deep emotions, patterns or issues to be cleared. In this reading Pegasus is telling us to listen to our inner voice and hold steady in faith to how we are being guided from our internal compass. Our ego will often want to blame, shame or react to others instead of holding steady and centred in the chaos. Trust the process and allow the initiation to help clear unwanted and outdated belief systems that you may not even have known have been limiting or restricting you in your life. Have gratitude for the situation and see it as a blessing to help you grow and change. It can be uncomfortable but just know there must be a sense of loss to allow in the new, better way of being. Pegasus also is saying to be gentle on yourself through this process. Nurture yourself with whatever feels good. It may be having a bath, going for a walk in nature or listening to soothing or uplifting music. Also doing the meditation described above in the healing section will really help you feel more grounded and balanced at this time.

Elephant: Unconditional Love

The elephant is know for their ability to remember and have ‘families’ that, like humans, they love and nurture. They even bury their dead and grieve for loved ones that have passed. The elephant has a huge capacity to love. This card has come through today to allow yourself to go into a deeper aspect of self love. The elephant is looking deeply into the eyes of another elephant, and even though there is some sadness in the other elephants eyes, he is being told that everything is ok, and to forgive himself or others for anything that has been said, done or judged. The elephant is showing support and holding a space of love for you. Feel into your own heart and tell yourself that you “love you” and that you let go of any pain or judgement right here and now. This new frequency we have been talking about is clearing out the old and helping our hearts to heal from ancient grief held there since the beginning of time. You will find a new way of feeling emotion if you allow this clearing to happen. Trust, trust, trust is the key message also from the elephant. Trust yourself and your god/goddess self so you know you are safe and protected through these heartfelt time of change and forgiveness. I find doing ‘mirror work’ each day by staring into my own eyes and telling myself how much I love me is very powerful. It can also bring up resistance or judgements, just observe these thoughts and keep saying ‘I love you” to yourself from your heart. Even put your hand over your heart as you say this! Very powerful tools to help you reconnect to the true you.

Wolf: Teacher

The wolf is intelligent, loyal to his mate and pack and communicates with a complex series of sounds and howls to stay bonded to his pack. Many legends have come from wolves raising human children and it shows the capability of love that wolves have in raising the young. In this reading today, wolf has come through to show an aspect of you that may have been previously hidden away. He is moving out of the shadows and bringing through a strong, wise and leader aspect that is within you now and needs to be expressed. The moon is very prominent in the background and is shining the light for you to help you find your way. There is so much light pouring into the throat of the wolf that I feel it is time for you to stand up and speak your truth, from the heart, especially in a group or work situation. You never know when you speak your truth who you will touch or help in any scenario. This new voice that is within you has been longing to come out and show an aspect of you that has not previously been expressed. How exciting!! You get to experience another way of being YOU here on Earth. Be brave – or be afraid – and do it anyway! You will surprise yourself as to what wisdom is truly within you. Maybe you need to write down all these ideas and thoughts that you are having. It could be a good time to start a journal and express yourself that way too.

So lets thank our beautiful animal magic cards that have come through to support us at this time. Thank you Pegasus, Elephant and Wolf.

Be love.

Magic Maree xxxxx


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