Undines in Waterfall with no people

Magic Waterfalls in Bali: Undines (water spirits) and Elemental Beings photos

Magical Nature Moments: 

Have you ever seen Undines (Water Spirits) before? Or have you ever wondered about magic portals and doorways into other realms? Check out these amazing photos that we took on a retreat in Bali at a waterfall near the Northern West Coast. The Undines are already visible in the waterfall (only through the camera) when we took a photo without anyone there… but look what happens when we connect into the waterfall and the elemental beings. The amount and type of them increased and changed with each persons connection.

The energy in the area was quite amazing and powerful, and it felt like an aspect of my soul ‘came home’!

Undines in Waterfall with no people
Undines in Waterfall with no people
Waterfall spirits
Undines and water Elemental Beings












The different Water Spirits and Elemental Beings around Maree.
The different Water Spirits and Elemental Beings around Maree.


Magical Doorway opens
The Magical doorway/portal in the rock wall that Merlin showed me starts to become visible in the photo on the left.



The purity and high frequency of the vibration here really helped to shift and heal something deep within me. It was just before I was about to walk into the water fall that I connected into Merlin energy as I was resting onto the cliff face wall. Merlin came through and told me the rock wall was an entrance to an inter dimensional portal. and I was told to move my energy through the wall, which I did. I followed Merlin into a passage that led into another energetic realm of Mother Earth. I knew at this point I had just completed another initiation, through the magical realms that exist on Earth, that we just cant see most of the time. It was perfect timing as we had just completed a 5 day ‘Vision Quest’ retreat that had clarified many aspects of my life for me, as well as improving my physical vision.

There were more photos that showed the energetic portal opening (you can see it on the left of the last photos) after I moved away from the centre of the waterfall and perched just under where the ‘doorway’ was shown to me. Magical Nature moments indeed!

Undines are the water spirit, just like the Sylph is the spirit of the air, the Salamander the Fire spirit and the Gnomes are spirits of the Earth. The Undines represent water which in turn represents our emotions. Therefore the Undine can support us as we go through emotional times in our life. She has the ability to help us clear distortions that are in our DNA from past life issues and pain. So if you are having a hard time emotionally at the moment, tune into the energy of the Undine and ask her for support.


Magic Maree xxx

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