Star Seeds

Star Seeds Home Coming – Who we truly are.

We are Star Seeds.

We come from many planets. And yet we are known as Human.

Hu = God. Man = the physical aspect of homo sapien.

As Humans we are a unique mix of many aspects, gifts and talents from other worlds and planets. We are the most amazing collection of DNA. 97% of this DNA has been described as ‘junk’ by scientists. A mere 3% of our DNA had been  previously activated.

That has all changed and is continuing to do so. We are coming home.

The Earth has gone through an incredible shift, especially since 1999, to metamorphoses into what is known as  a 5th Dimensional template. As we are connected to the Earth this in turn has affected us.

So who are we in relation to this shift and how is this now affecting us here on Earth?

As souls, a large percentage of us chose to come to Earth for mostly one reason. If you are reading this then you are more that likely one of those souls known as a Star Seed. A call went out around the universe. and even to other universes beyond our solar system.  The desire to be able to move back through what is known as the ‘Gateway of Lyra” had been discussed between the different planet nations, as this gateway is where our souls in this star system are birthed. We could come through the gateway where our soul formed, but had not yet evolved to be able to move back through to our place of formation. Into what is known as the higher echelons of  existence.


As above so below.

Star Seeds are souls from these different dimensions within specific planets, that agreed to a game plan that would span over 100,00 years as the Earth went through her cycles. Through approximately 4  x 26,000 year cycles it has taken to activate and actually increase the frequency of the DNA combination from all realms. There were a few glitches in relation to not all beings on all planets being in agreement with this setup. There were also some beings from other realms and universes that wanted to use Earth for their own means and control. So a few little bugs and distortions were planted in our DNA in the hope to thwart the plan for evolution and ascension. This has actually failed.

The structure of ‘society’ as we know it now in the West, was mostly a set up by these corrupt beings to have complete control and dominance over the human soul. It was a great effort, and nearly succeeded. Kudos to them! Hence the current banking system, mass farming system with GMOs and pesticides and the corrupt ‘rat race’ that has evolved over many hundreds, if not thousands of years, of careful patient planning by these particular beings. The average human being is now beginning to “wake up” and remember who they truly are, due to the huge increase in frequency coming onto the Earth. We must learn to take responsibility for ourselves and our Mother Earth. We must keep speaking up and not allowing Governments to force us into robotic like ways of living, and attempting to get us to relinquish and forget our true personal power. This is a great learning for us all, as we have become complacent in many areas of life. More heart based beings are now stepping into these systems to help shift the path so it is more humanitarian. Very exciting times.

As humans we have 12 strands of double helix DNA, and different people have been activated to varying degrees. Some people are fully activated already, with most others having 5 strands or more being activated. This allows us to bring even more light into our sub-atomic structures within the cells, which in turn increases our vibration within the body. As we increase in frequency and vibration we have the ability to release old karmic patterning and ‘hereditary’ aspects of the DNA. These memories within the DNA can be permanently changed, and so we can release fears around familial conditions such as heart disease, cancer and other degenerative diseases.  Our gifts and talents have been mastered over the many lifetimes we have experienced on Earth, while some are a soul memory waiting to be activated. Examples of these gifts and talents include clairvoyance, innate herbalist wisdom, alchemy, telepathy, language of light, complete self healing, mathematics  genius, music and many more. As we release old patterning then our gifts and talents can come through. Sometimes there can be a tingling in the crown chakra area or slight discomfort in parts of the body as the new frequency comes into our reality.

So why have we been here on Earth and had this huge journey?

The difference is now that our soul is able to go back through the gateway of Lyra. Lyra sits in the 12th dimension, and as we now have a potentially high enough frequency within our Earth Global Grid matrix and potentially our soul bodies, we can return home. I believe we can have this ‘home’ experience here on Earth, and don’t need to leave to actually know we are home.

This  has been a recent happening and is quite an amazing phenomenon after so many lifetimes and cycles on the Earth. How exciting for the potential of all beings on many different planets and dimensions to be able to move into a much higher realm of existence. What a privilege as a soul, to have the experience of being here on Earth in this amazing time, and shift into 5th dimension and beyond.

So hang in there, if it feels as though it has been a little rough and overwhelming, it IS going to get easier. Trust and have faith that you are here for a bigger purpose. It IS enough to just be you here! So relax, enjoy the ride and start focusing on what you really want to experience while you are on Earth. For that is your right, you have done the hard yards to be here. Reap the rewards you so justly deserve. And remember, we are already home!

Love and Blessings






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