Meditation Night: Your Merkabah and light body travel

Come along to the final meditation being held at the beach house in Palm Beach.

Following a powerful Circle of Fire to help transmute any patterns that are coming up at this time, we will have an initiation with our Merkabah. This is the aspect of the light body that allows us to ‘travel’ inter dimensionally and through timelines and other lifetimes as well. We will incorporate a connecting with aspects of our soul via a pertinent lifetime journey to help us release emotional memories and patterns or belief systems that are not serving us anymore. Magic truly happens on these journeys.

When: Wednesday 17th August

Time: 6.30pm-8.30pm

Where: 1334 Gold Coast Highway, Palm Beach

Cost: $25 includes supper afterwards

Look forward to seeing you there! Contact me via my email address to rsvp.


Magic Maree

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