Meditation Night: Your Merkabah and light body travel

Come along to the final meditation being held at the beach house in Palm Beach.

Following a powerful Circle of Fire to help transmute any patterns that are coming up at this time, we will have an initiation with our Merkabah. This is the aspect of the light body that allows us to ‘travel’ inter dimensionally and through timelines and other lifetimes as well. We will incorporate a connecting with aspects of our soul via a pertinent lifetime journey to help us release emotional memories and patterns or belief systems that are not serving us anymore. Magic truly happens on these journeys.

When: Wednesday 17th August

Time: 6.30pm-8.30pm

Where: 1334 Gold Coast Highway, Palm Beach

Cost: $25 includes supper afterwards

Look forward to seeing you there! Contact me via my email address to rsvp.


Magic Maree

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Balanced and Responsive

Meditation Night: Changing your DNA


With all of the frequency changes happening on the Earth now, it is a great time to make the most of this energy to help us keep evolving within our own self.

These meditation sessions  are held for people who are really wanting change and more understanding to help them remember who they truly are. The Transference Healing energy also helps to bring through more balance and peace within your emotional, mental and physical body.

So come and join like hearted people to connect into a place deep within yourself during this powerful meditation time. It includes a shamanic circle of fire and a guided visualisation to help shift DNA.

WHEN: Wednesday 1st June 6.30-8.30pm

WHERE: 1443 Gold Coast Highway, Palm Beach.

Investment 25 includes supper.

CONTACT:  RSVP to Maree on Magicmaree FB or Mobile 0401 948 911 to RSVP or with any queries.


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Pumpkin soup

Nyummy Nourishing Meditation night Pumpkin Soup Recipe!

So how did Pumpkin soup get on this blog site?

After the powerful electro-magnetic meditations we experience on Wednesday night, I knew food was needed to help people ground back to Earth. Having a few vegetarians, gluten free and other dietary specialities in the mix, I knew just what to offer up to everyone. Yep, good ol pumpkin soup.

This soup has a bit of a twist to it… and people kept asking for the recipe. This is my ‘bit of this bit of that ‘recipe for the Meditation night Pumpkin soup special….. so most of the measurements are actually guess-taments.

The middle bit of making pumpkin soup!
The middle bit of making pumpkin soup!

Pumpkin Soup (including secret ingredient!)


Half a pumpkin chopped (this is the secret ingredient.. LOL or not!)

2 medium sized sweet potatoes chopped

2 normal potatoes chopped

half tspn fresh grated ginger

Sprig of coriander, chopped

Pink Himalayan salt to taste

1 litre vegetable stock

1/2 to 1 tsp minced chilli, or not depending on your palate.

1 Tblspn South Indian vegetable curry blend (yes THIS is the secret ingredient) Can be found at the Tamborine Mountain monthly markets or Mudgeeraba Spices and Curries blend (07 55307443)

Secret Ingredient
Secret Ingredient

So… chop up the veggies. Add to the heated stock. Add the ginger, coriander, Curry blend and boil till vegies tender. Once slightly cooled mix with a bahmix or blender. Then add the chilli. Mix again till chilli blended.

Serve with sour cream and yummy bread rolls or chopped up pitta bread.

YUM… enjoy.

Love Magic Maree xx




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Star Seeds

Star Seeds Home Coming – Who we truly are.

We are Star Seeds.

We come from many planets. And yet we are known as Human.

Hu = God. Man = the physical aspect of homo sapien.

As Humans we are a unique mix of many aspects, gifts and talents from other worlds and planets. We are the most amazing collection of DNA. 97% of this DNA has been described as ‘junk’ by scientists. A mere 3% of our DNA had been  previously activated.

That has all changed and is continuing to do so. We are coming home.

The Earth has gone through an incredible shift, especially since 1999, to metamorphoses into what is known as  a 5th Dimensional template. As we are connected to the Earth this in turn has affected us.

So who are we in relation to this shift and how is this now affecting us here on Earth?

As souls, a large percentage of us chose to come to Earth for mostly one reason. If you are reading this then you are more that likely one of those souls known as a Star Seed. A call went out around the universe. and even to other universes beyond our solar system.  The desire to be able to move back through what is known as the ‘Gateway of Lyra” had been discussed between the different planet nations, as this gateway is where our souls in this star system are birthed. We could come through the gateway where our soul formed, but had not yet evolved to be able to move back through to our place of formation. Into what is known as the higher echelons of  existence.


As above so below.

Star Seeds are souls from these different dimensions within specific planets, that agreed to a game plan that would span over 100,00 years as the Earth went through her cycles. Through approximately 4  x 26,000 year cycles it has taken to activate and actually increase the frequency of the DNA combination from all realms. There were a few glitches in relation to not all beings on all planets being in agreement with this setup. There were also some beings from other realms and universes that wanted to use Earth for their own means and control. So a few little bugs and distortions were planted in our DNA in the hope to thwart the plan for evolution and ascension. This has actually failed.

The structure of ‘society’ as we know it now in the West, was mostly a set up by these corrupt beings to have complete control and dominance over the human soul. It was a great effort, and nearly succeeded. Kudos to them! Hence the current banking system, mass farming system with GMOs and pesticides and the corrupt ‘rat race’ that has evolved over many hundreds, if not thousands of years, of careful patient planning by these particular beings. The average human being is now beginning to “wake up” and remember who they truly are, due to the huge increase in frequency coming onto the Earth. We must learn to take responsibility for ourselves and our Mother Earth. We must keep speaking up and not allowing Governments to force us into robotic like ways of living, and attempting to get us to relinquish and forget our true personal power. This is a great learning for us all, as we have become complacent in many areas of life. More heart based beings are now stepping into these systems to help shift the path so it is more humanitarian. Very exciting times.

As humans we have 12 strands of double helix DNA, and different people have been activated to varying degrees. Some people are fully activated already, with most others having 5 strands or more being activated. This allows us to bring even more light into our sub-atomic structures within the cells, which in turn increases our vibration within the body. As we increase in frequency and vibration we have the ability to release old karmic patterning and ‘hereditary’ aspects of the DNA. These memories within the DNA can be permanently changed, and so we can release fears around familial conditions such as heart disease, cancer and other degenerative diseases.  Our gifts and talents have been mastered over the many lifetimes we have experienced on Earth, while some are a soul memory waiting to be activated. Examples of these gifts and talents include clairvoyance, innate herbalist wisdom, alchemy, telepathy, language of light, complete self healing, mathematics  genius, music and many more. As we release old patterning then our gifts and talents can come through. Sometimes there can be a tingling in the crown chakra area or slight discomfort in parts of the body as the new frequency comes into our reality.

So why have we been here on Earth and had this huge journey?

The difference is now that our soul is able to go back through the gateway of Lyra. Lyra sits in the 12th dimension, and as we now have a potentially high enough frequency within our Earth Global Grid matrix and potentially our soul bodies, we can return home. I believe we can have this ‘home’ experience here on Earth, and don’t need to leave to actually know we are home.

This  has been a recent happening and is quite an amazing phenomenon after so many lifetimes and cycles on the Earth. How exciting for the potential of all beings on many different planets and dimensions to be able to move into a much higher realm of existence. What a privilege as a soul, to have the experience of being here on Earth in this amazing time, and shift into 5th dimension and beyond.

So hang in there, if it feels as though it has been a little rough and overwhelming, it IS going to get easier. Trust and have faith that you are here for a bigger purpose. It IS enough to just be you here! So relax, enjoy the ride and start focusing on what you really want to experience while you are on Earth. For that is your right, you have done the hard yards to be here. Reap the rewards you so justly deserve. And remember, we are already home!

Love and Blessings






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Undines in Waterfall with no people

Magic Waterfalls in Bali: Undines (water spirits) and Elemental Beings photos

Magical Nature Moments: 

Have you ever seen Undines (Water Spirits) before? Or have you ever wondered about magic portals and doorways into other realms? Check out these amazing photos that we took on a retreat in Bali at a waterfall near the Northern West Coast. The Undines are already visible in the waterfall (only through the camera) when we took a photo without anyone there… but look what happens when we connect into the waterfall and the elemental beings. The amount and type of them increased and changed with each persons connection.

The energy in the area was quite amazing and powerful, and it felt like an aspect of my soul ‘came home’!

Undines in Waterfall with no people
Undines in Waterfall with no people
Waterfall spirits
Undines and water Elemental Beings












The different Water Spirits and Elemental Beings around Maree.
The different Water Spirits and Elemental Beings around Maree.


Magical Doorway opens
The Magical doorway/portal in the rock wall that Merlin showed me starts to become visible in the photo on the left.



The purity and high frequency of the vibration here really helped to shift and heal something deep within me. It was just before I was about to walk into the water fall that I connected into Merlin energy as I was resting onto the cliff face wall. Merlin came through and told me the rock wall was an entrance to an inter dimensional portal. and I was told to move my energy through the wall, which I did. I followed Merlin into a passage that led into another energetic realm of Mother Earth. I knew at this point I had just completed another initiation, through the magical realms that exist on Earth, that we just cant see most of the time. It was perfect timing as we had just completed a 5 day ‘Vision Quest’ retreat that had clarified many aspects of my life for me, as well as improving my physical vision.

There were more photos that showed the energetic portal opening (you can see it on the left of the last photos) after I moved away from the centre of the waterfall and perched just under where the ‘doorway’ was shown to me. Magical Nature moments indeed!

Undines are the water spirit, just like the Sylph is the spirit of the air, the Salamander the Fire spirit and the Gnomes are spirits of the Earth. The Undines represent water which in turn represents our emotions. Therefore the Undine can support us as we go through emotional times in our life. She has the ability to help us clear distortions that are in our DNA from past life issues and pain. So if you are having a hard time emotionally at the moment, tune into the energy of the Undine and ask her for support.


Magic Maree xxx

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Magic Tree

New Frequency: It’s time to seed your ideas.. Healing and Reading

The Animal Magic Card reading and Transference Healing® at this time helps us to prepare the ‘ground’ that we can plant our creative thoughts and ideas into. Remember, intention is the powerful fertiliser that helps our visions and ideas push their way up through the rich earth, to become reality. There has been a time of change and shifting , and then a time of stillness. Now is the time to allow the great ideas and creative thoughts to come through for preparation to take action….


There has been an incredible cosmic portal/doorway opening from the 6th of August that has allowed a new frequency or energy onto the Earth. This frequency continues to build up to the end of September and is now a permanent aspect of us and the Earth. So if you have been feeling a bit dizzy or scattered and not grounded this is one of the main reasons at the moment.

Let me explain what happens when a new frequency flows from the cosmos to the Earth. This was orchestrated with the alignment of 3 major planets, Regulis with Jupiter and Mercury. These 3 planets in turn lined up with 3 major grid points on Earth, including the pyramids of Giza, Mount Zion and this revealed the true location of Mount Sianai. The portal that opened up in the cosmos to allow this frequency through to the Earth created an opportunity for us to all have a major shift in consciousness. And still is. Mother Earth receives this energy through the Global Grid Matrix, which is a type of meridian grid, set up to help the Earth to increase her vibration. We are also the channels to bring this energy through and help ground it into the Earth and integrate it into our body.

We are all connected to the Earth, so in turn, this increase in vibration pushes us to also increase our vibration. But as we know, to bring in the new, we have to throw out some of the old. This is why it can feel a little chaotic and uncomfortable at times. We may have felt a bit more emotional than usual and have had issues coming up with loved ones, or people that we associate with closely, including work colleagues. Just know this is a great opportunity to take responsibility for our own ‘stuff’. No need to judge ourselves just feel the old, unneeded beliefs and patterns that are coming up to be released, and let them go. Thank the person that is pushing your buttons, because even though it is not comfortable, they are showing us what no longer serves us.

A great meditation to do at this time is to sit in a relaxed state and connect into the actual cosmic portal, or doorway, that the frequency is coming through. See, sense or feel the energy flowing down through the top of  your head (crown chakra) and all the way through your body, into every cell. Bring the new frequency into your aura and then let it flow all the way down into the core of the Earth. Once you have reached the core of the Earth, see or feel the energy mixing with the white light from Gaia, and bring this new vibration up, up, up into your feet, legs, torso, chest, heart and then neck and head and again all over your body and aura. Allow this energy to flow continuously from the cosmos to Gaia though you, and back up again. If you can, see your heart as the middle point of this exchange. This exercise will help you to release and clear old limited beliefs and ideas, and allow a new way of being to come in.


The Animal Magic Cards that have come through to help support you at this time include: Pegasus, Elephant and Wolf.

Animal Magic Cards
The Animal Magic Cards include Pegasus, Elephant and Wolf.

Pegasus: Integrity

Pegasus is the amazing horse with wings from Greek Mythology. He often comes up in a reading when there has been an initiation or big decision making process that has occurred or is still in process. There could be a situation going on around you involving family, friends or work colleagues that are bring up deep emotions, patterns or issues to be cleared. In this reading Pegasus is telling us to listen to our inner voice and hold steady in faith to how we are being guided from our internal compass. Our ego will often want to blame, shame or react to others instead of holding steady and centred in the chaos. Trust the process and allow the initiation to help clear unwanted and outdated belief systems that you may not even have known have been limiting or restricting you in your life. Have gratitude for the situation and see it as a blessing to help you grow and change. It can be uncomfortable but just know there must be a sense of loss to allow in the new, better way of being. Pegasus also is saying to be gentle on yourself through this process. Nurture yourself with whatever feels good. It may be having a bath, going for a walk in nature or listening to soothing or uplifting music. Also doing the meditation described above in the healing section will really help you feel more grounded and balanced at this time.

Elephant: Unconditional Love

The elephant is know for their ability to remember and have ‘families’ that, like humans, they love and nurture. They even bury their dead and grieve for loved ones that have passed. The elephant has a huge capacity to love. This card has come through today to allow yourself to go into a deeper aspect of self love. The elephant is looking deeply into the eyes of another elephant, and even though there is some sadness in the other elephants eyes, he is being told that everything is ok, and to forgive himself or others for anything that has been said, done or judged. The elephant is showing support and holding a space of love for you. Feel into your own heart and tell yourself that you “love you” and that you let go of any pain or judgement right here and now. This new frequency we have been talking about is clearing out the old and helping our hearts to heal from ancient grief held there since the beginning of time. You will find a new way of feeling emotion if you allow this clearing to happen. Trust, trust, trust is the key message also from the elephant. Trust yourself and your god/goddess self so you know you are safe and protected through these heartfelt time of change and forgiveness. I find doing ‘mirror work’ each day by staring into my own eyes and telling myself how much I love me is very powerful. It can also bring up resistance or judgements, just observe these thoughts and keep saying ‘I love you” to yourself from your heart. Even put your hand over your heart as you say this! Very powerful tools to help you reconnect to the true you.

Wolf: Teacher

The wolf is intelligent, loyal to his mate and pack and communicates with a complex series of sounds and howls to stay bonded to his pack. Many legends have come from wolves raising human children and it shows the capability of love that wolves have in raising the young. In this reading today, wolf has come through to show an aspect of you that may have been previously hidden away. He is moving out of the shadows and bringing through a strong, wise and leader aspect that is within you now and needs to be expressed. The moon is very prominent in the background and is shining the light for you to help you find your way. There is so much light pouring into the throat of the wolf that I feel it is time for you to stand up and speak your truth, from the heart, especially in a group or work situation. You never know when you speak your truth who you will touch or help in any scenario. This new voice that is within you has been longing to come out and show an aspect of you that has not previously been expressed. How exciting!! You get to experience another way of being YOU here on Earth. Be brave – or be afraid – and do it anyway! You will surprise yourself as to what wisdom is truly within you. Maybe you need to write down all these ideas and thoughts that you are having. It could be a good time to start a journal and express yourself that way too.

So lets thank our beautiful animal magic cards that have come through to support us at this time. Thank you Pegasus, Elephant and Wolf.

Be love.

Magic Maree xxxxx


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Reality Shifts

Reality Shifts…. Who are we again? Reading and Healing

This weeks Animal Magic Card reading and Transference Healing® help to clear some space for the big shifts and changes that are helping us to change our reality.


I dont know about you but there has been quite a lot of upheaval around with the intense energy this week. So many people are going through really big shifts and changes still .. and its uncomfortable to say the least. But things are settling down and after the shift comes the gift.

(For those of you checking this out from Magic Maree face book these are the photos you saw so then read about your card choice below and then the healing that came through) If you would like to experience a reading/healing with friends check out MMs Party Group Bookings.

Choose your Animal Magic Card for the week

This was confirmed with the Animal Magic Cards that came up which included: The Dragonfly, Leopard and Turtle.



Animal Magic Cards
Animal Magic Cards: Dragonfly, Leopard and Turtle.


  • Dragonfly: Clarity

The Dragonfly often comes though to depict when we have been in a dreamtime state and the breaking down of illusion. This can feel painful as the change is often happening on a deep level. What this process does do though is opens you up to a new perspective on life and seeing situations in a much different way. The green of the wings and on the Earth shows that this process involves a deep pain release from within the heart, and this can often bring up deep grief. You may have been feeling a little emotional and crying for no reason lately. We often try and work out a reason for the feelings, when sometimes it is simply this deep release we are going through. Just go with it, sit in the contemplative state and know it will bring through many gifts. You are releasing your deepest fears and connecting to your true or higher self on a deeper level. The purple is very strong in the card which shows that the 3rd eye is opening up more to allow you to see things from the ‘psychic mind’ and have more intuition in situations. Dragonfly releases doubt and opens you up to more possibilities. You are in the process of creating change for yourself to create more positive outcomes. Hang in there!!

  • Leopard: Transference

The Leopard has been seen by a lot of cultures as a symbol of fertility, passion and sensitivity. In this reading he is gazing out into the distance and the feeling is “Do I trust what I see, and do I know what I really want?” Again this is a time of change and going through a ‘transference shift’. It is uncomfortable but the rewards of growth are worth the discomfort. If we never felt uncomfortable we would never grow, change and expand. Leopard helps you conquer your deepest fears and release old dogmatic ideas and beliefs. You obviously need to change how you create and releasing these belief systems is the only way to shift your reality. Phew – it can feel a bit overwhelming at times though. Just watch if you feel anger and frustration in certain situations as this is showing you what is resistant within  you. Have the intention of staying balanced and centred. If we place the intention in our through process when we know we are going through a shift, it tends to help us remember to stay calm, if a stressful situation does come up at any moment. This then helps us to be more trusting of our instincts. We then can release negative thought patterns and the tendency to become depressed through these changes.

  • Turtle: Gaia

The Turtle is seen by most cultures as the symbol of Mother Earth, and indeed, some believe that Mother Earth was created from the Turtle shell. The feeling coming from the Turtle card seems to be that you have been feeling a little lost or confused at times lately. You could need to slow down and get grounded. She will help you to do this. Take time out to recognise how much you have actually achieved, and what it is that needs to be completed. The light pouring in through the head of the Turtle seems to then flow on to the right side. This confirms what came up in the healing with there being the possibility of shoulder or back/neck pain from the energy changes coming through. You may have been feeling a buzzing or burning feeling coming through the top of the head lately too. This is simply your higher self (or smart part of you as I call it!) bringing through more light into your body. Remember to breathe. Deep breathes help us to ground and allow this new frequency through more easily. If we are ‘upgrading’ our energy then so is the Earth. Solar flares will trigger a shift for the Earths energy grid. Remember to connect into he energetic grid line to help you stay grounded and to get out of your head. You can do this by picturing your feet connecting into the grid lines around the Earth. I will do a meditation with this in the next meditation post to help you learn how to do this every day. You may have had some neck pain or headaches with the solar flares causing the energy shift. I usually find that is the main reason for my headaches on the rare occasion when I do get them.

Read down to find our what came through in the healing this time. You will resonate with the aspects that are relevant for you, just know that you will receive an energetic alignment in whatever way you need to from it.


This weeks healing was powerful as a lot of new energy has been flowing in through the crown chakra and may have been causing some tingling or a hot burning feeling on the top of the head. When a new frequency or more light is coming into the body there has to be a release of the old for it to be able to ground through. Agitation and fear of the unknown came through, and that is what some of us are working on at the moment. You may have been experiencing an emotional release from the heart that showed up through the Dragonfly Card. It is simply a deeper letting go from old painful wounding when we were children or from other life times that are now ready to release the patterning from those experiences. This allows a new perception of life to manifest and helps to change circumstances in our life that may have been frustrating us at some level. Yaay! Its about time. True reality shifts can now occur in our life. The throat was worked on as well and the immune system needed some strengthening. I know a lot of people have been unwell with flu and throat infections, so this did not surprise me. Remember having a cold or flu is sometimes our bodies way of giving us the message to take some nurturing time out and allow the ‘letting go’ process do it’s magic. The right shoulder/back of neck area showed up a few times so there was some release of this blockage, and the violet flame was needed to help purify the heavy energy being released from at this time. You can get the violet flame meditation from my previous post by clicking here.  Remember to keep grounded by doing simple things such as taking off yours shoes and walking on the grass, or consciously connecting into Mother Earth and into her energy grid lines. This helps the energy move through a lot more easily. The Crystal Amber came through which is very nurturing and rejuvenating. Amber is derived from trees. This is another crystal I will include in the mediation and magic crystal moment next post. So, keep nurturing yourself, know there are wonderful changes heading your way and stay positive.

Also if you would like to book in for a party group experience with friends with MM for readings and healings click on this link

Lots of love and have an amazing week

Blessings till next time

Magic Maree xxx


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The Truth or YOUR truth

Your truth vs THE truth… Healing and Card Reading


Mercury has been retrograde again for a few weeks, and though that is officially finished the shadow of the retrograde remains, so it helps to be mindful of this when planning getting to appointments or communicating with others. Mercury is related to electro magnetic energy and communication, so allow a little more time to get to places and treat stressful situations (such as computers and phones playing up) with a dose of humour to help lighten the intense energy around at the moment. The reading that came through for everyone this week is reflective of the intense energy. It is also an amazing opportunity to stay in your power through circumstances that can potentially ‘push your buttons’. Remember just because we see a situation one way does not mean that same perspective is seen by someone else. Are you trying to control the other person through fear or judgement by insisting your perspective is the true one?

Balanced and Responsive
Stay balanced and responsive

Remember to use these situations as an opportunity to grow on all levels.  Test yourself to RESPOND rather than REACT!! There is a huge potential for change during these times. So if you have the intention to release old outdated sub-conscious patterning, the universe will provide situations for you to allow these hidden fears and behaviours to be exposed. 90% of change is awareness so simply bringing them up for your ‘aha’ moment can set in motion the shifting and releasing of these often restricting patterns and beliefs. Also know that it is the people closest to us that are often the ones to be the person that ‘shows’ us what it is we need to see. So don’t shoot the messenger if you have asked for awareness and change. Respond (take re-sponsibility) for your part in co-creating situations and see it for what it truly is. What is the situation showing you? What can you look for inside yourself that has been hidden to you, and is now being revealed through the reflection of others, and potentially emotionally charged situations? Use the new moon energy from the 16th to create new beginnings for yourself.



We have discussed the Universal Law of Attraction before. This time however, the Law of Pivoting the Problem is putting a different spin on that earlier discussion. So what does this mean?

If you have been focusing on what is causing you pain or discomfort, then to PIVOT that thought or focus is to ask the question -What do I really want? Then of course, you begin to have gratitude for what you actually do want to experience. Instead of focusing on what you don’t have. This is pivoting from the problem to focusing on the solution. Even if that particular thing may not be in your actual reality at the moment – you start having gratitude and ‘feel’ as if it already exists for you. This powerful act of pivoting is essential for actually then drawing that experience to you.

Sometimes it can feel almost impossible to do this if we are not feeling positive or are tired and feel like things never go our way. So I suggest you use it as a game with yourself. Every time your mind wants to take you into the ‘I don”t have this in my life.. I really want that’ change it to ‘I’m so grateful to have this in my life, I love how it feels to have .(what it is)… in my life now’. Then sit and actually feel as if that particular thing is now in your life. It may sound a bit crazy but it does work! Of course, you need to be mindful when the universe puts people or opportunities in your path so the thing you want can come into fruition, to actually take the action needed to create it. Have fun with this PIVOTING and playing that mind game with yourself. The only true game here on Earth at the end of the day is with ourselves.


The Transference Healing® that I did this week for the post seemed to ring true for a lot of people that felt as if they had been in chaos. A lot of people have suffered from physical symptoms such as colds and flu’s. Not much fun when there is a lot going on in life. What is that physical discomfort actually trying to tell you? Do you need to stop and nurture yourself? See what aspects of the healing and card reading resonate for you.

What came through with the healing was some energy blocks in particular around the Solar Plesus (stomach) area, and the hips and lower back. You may have been feeling low level anxiety for no particular reason. Some grounding was done to help shift this blockage and move the new frequency through the body. Some issues around the throat and headaches may also have been prevalent this time. Remember to speak your truth in situations, but always from your heart. A lot of new frequency is coming through for people so the Pineal gland especially is being activated and can cause these headaches to come and go. The chemicals and hormones released when the Pineal gland is activated helps us bring back through more of our clairvoyance (clear seeing or ability to see more psychically). If you have been feeling quite sad for no reason or a bit flat and depressed, there is a lot of old clearing and grief being released at the moment. This heart and brain clearing is also allowing more connection with our own Higher Self (or as I call it the “smart part” of ourselves that sees the bigger picture).

So I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some heart palpitations or even sore tender areas around the chest or ribs. This is often the case when we are releasing deep pain and moving into a deeper chamber of the heart. It’s all good though as we are always protected and our higher self is always there for us to connect into to help guide us through our day. Ask to connect into the Higher Self and get that guidance every morning. Start to trust yourself more and  you will find things will flow a little more smoothly.


The three Animal Magic Cards that came through with messages for you this time are the Bee, Elephant and Dragon.

The Bee, Elephant and Dragon Animal Magic Cards
The Bee, Elephant and Dragon Animal Magic Cards
  • Bee: Light Worker

The Bee symbolises the light, and bees wax has been used to form Candles that adorn sacred temples and shrines over the centuries. The bee also represents the Sacred Female Leadership, sensuality, love and immortality. When looking into the Bee card there is a very bright, dominant light within the abdomen area. Something new appears to be birthing from within and the many baby bees that are really prominent in the card near the queen bee confirm this. So don’t be surprised if new opportunities and possibilities are coming your way. You may have been feeling some symptoms such as nausea or anxiety in your stomach, this is often simply a sign that there is change happening. Stay in your power and remember to keep reminding yourself you are safe and all is well in your world. The books that are under the queen bee are really glowing with light which tells me there is some new wisdom and insights coming through for you around your belief system and manifesting abilities. This is the ‘aha’ moment you have been looking for, though it may not be what you are expecting. Expect the unexpected with this Mercury in retrograde, but it is positive for self-realisations. If you are working within a group situation or more people than usual the bee magic can help you heal and release your fear of failure, maintain your self worth or heal a sense of abandonment within this situation. The bee also help clear etheric negative energy or emotions. So you will start to feel more balanced and rejuvenated.

  • Elephant: Unconditional Love

The two elephants in this magic card are really connecting with each other and supporting each other. The love and connection shown in their eyes is expressing compassion and caring. In reality, that love and compassion is you showing yourself love. Even if you judge yourself critically and harshly in your own mind, it is time to love yourself unconditionally, no matter what is going on. The elephant is known for being compassionate, loving, gentle and kind. So maybe it is time for you to stop beating yourself up in your head and connect into that beautiful heart of yours. Love yourself – take a big breath and take your awareness into your heart to really feel this self love. The elephant is also helping you to open your heart more and release painful issues that have been held there for a long time. Allow forgiveness for yourself and others. This really fits with the healing that showed heart symptoms such as palpitations or general chest aches/pains are allowing more expansion of the heart, and helping you move into a deeper aspect of the heart. The elephant supports you with this shift.

  • Dragon: Divine Will

The Dragon has long been associated with magic and mystery. It is powerful and is an intelligent magical creature that has been known to guard treasures and sacred objects, especially in temples and sacred sites. Dragon Power is one of the most powerful protectors of all the mythical creatures. Dragon also helps to open the heart and release negative energy from our energy field. Dragon energy heals and empowers us, and the Dragon card this time showed Dragon being very strong, larger than usual and spreading his wings in a way that is protective. With all the chaos going on at the moment Dragon can help you hold your power and balance in stressful situations. The Clear Quartz crystal under the Dragon is really glowing so if you have one at home tune into the crystal and ask for clarity with any situation. If you don’t have one, our intent is enough to bring through the energy of Clear Quartz crystal. The meditation from last post also included the Clear Quartz crystal waterfall meditation and is really helpful for rejuvenating, clearing and bringing us back into balance. So check that out and work with the crystal energy. Another really healing tool you can use easily is a “Green Colour bath”. Simply see, sense or feel the beautiful green colour moving up from the ground over your entire body and aura. This is also very healing if you have been feeling flu/cold symptoms. So ask the Dragon to come through for protection if you feel a situation is too much for you. Keep remembering to breathe and know that you will learn a lot from each situation that comes to you.

Have an amazing week. If you feel you would like a reading or healing contact me to organise a distant or face/face session. Love from Magic Maree xxx





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Grounding into the Earth

Part 2: Allow yourself to connect with the new Earth… Magical Nature Moments and Waterfall Meditation.

Magical Nature Moments:

When was the last time you visited a waterfall?

Natural waterfall at Cedar Creek

The wonderful sound of water pouring continuously onto the rocks below is soothing and unique. And the animals that live in this environment are also usually unique. One of the beautiful creatures that live around the Cedar Creek Nature trail and  Waterfall was out enjoying the sunshine a few weeks ago. He casually moved around on the grass into a more sunny spot as the shade from the trees covered him.

I managed to get a photo of him moving himself back into the sunshine. He was such a cool dude. He would have been nearly as tall as me top to toe and certainly wasn’t afraid as I moved closer to take his photo. It had been very wet with huge storms over the past 3 days so it was obvious he was enjoying thawing out again. The Lizard symbolically is about our self-worth, and helps  you overcome feelings of limitation and fear around what other people think of you. So if you have been wanting to get a new venture up and running or want to make new friendships, know that you are truly worthy to be successful. And you do deserve people around you that you accept you for who you are. So it was wonderful to run into Mr Lizard and remember, nature always has a message for us. It’s wether we contemplate that message and help ourselves to live the life we truly deserve through knowing our own self-worth. So what was your magical nature moment this week?

Happy Lizard sun-baking
Happy Lizard sun-baking


Magical Crystals:

After being at the waterfall I felt it would be a great opportunity to take a closer look at the Clear Quartz Crystal this week. The beautiful white light that streams out from the Clear Quartz reminded me of the wonderful rejuvinating water cascading over the rock walls to the Earth below.

Clear Quartz  Crystal cluster
Clear Quartz Crystal cluster with formed points

Clear Quartz Crystal:

This crystal is the most potent healing and energy amplifier on the planet. It can unblock energy and can be programmed with prayer and intention just like programming a computer. It raises energy to the highest level and helps to work on each person wherever that energy is needed to release blocks and bring the body back into balance. Clear Quartz is used to amplify the attributes of other crystals when used in energy healing. This crystal is used to create wands and in particular vogel wands that used to clear precise areas of the chakras or body.



1. As usual begin your meditation by creating a calm, relaxed space for yourself. If possible have 3 x white candles burning as this raises the energy of a room. Play relaxing music to help increase the ambience. You can burn incense or use sage smoke to help clear the area before you meditate. Now if you have a piece of clear quartz crystal hold this on your lap or place it in front of you as you sit or lie comfortably. If not, simply have the intention of the clear quartz being with you.

2. Take a deep breathe in and as you breathe out let go of any stress or negative thoughts that you have inside. Gently repeat this breathe and each time you breathe out allow your shoulders to relax and let go just a little more.

3. Once you are in a calm place, take your awareness into your heart. See, sense or feel the Clear Quartz crystal sitting in the centre of your heart. Now imagine white light beginning to expand out from your heart centre. This white light moves into your whole body, cleansing and rejuvenating every cell in your body. The light has its own intelligence and brings through exactly what you need to clear any blockages. Sit in this space for a while.

4. Now imagine yourself standing in a rain forest. See, sense or feel the trees and beautiful forest surrounding you. You can hear the birds singing and the sounds of the forest around you. In the distance you hear the hum of the waterfall. Gently move towards the noise of the waterfall. You can feel the air becoming humid and damp from the mist of the water.

5. As you move out into the clearing the waterfall noise becomes louder. You see the beautiful water fall cascading down in front of you. But this is no ordinary waterfall. The rocks are made from pure clear quartz crystal, and the water is actually pure white light from the core of the crystal.

6. You move to a path that leads you directly under the crystal waterfall. A ledge juts out from the base of the waterfall and you move onto this area. The white light waterfall now is pouring over you too, from your crown (top of the head) chakra all the way over your body and into each chakra of your being. Stand and allow the crystal water to wash away any stress, fears or concerns that you have. Feel the peace and joy begin to birth from deep within you. Stay in this space for a while.

7. If you want you can dive into the beautiful crystal light pool below and swim and soak in the healing energy. Otherwise simply stay standing in the crystal waterfall. Ask for clarity from your inner guidance at this point if you need help with any situation in your life.

8. When you are ready, let yourself come back into the here and now. Gently begin to feel your feet and focus on your breathing to help ground you back into this reality.

9. Thank the clear quartz crystal for being with you through the meditation. Know that you can visit this crystal waterfall any time you need some peace or rejuvenation in your life.

Have a wonderful week and check in next week for the healing and card reading.

Lot of love and blessings

Magic Maree xxx




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Grounding into the Earth

Allow yourself to connect with the new Earth.. Healing and Card Reading


How has your Full Moon week in Scorpio been travelling?

Wow..what a ride! The Scorpio full moon energy has been bringing up plenty of deep unresolved hurts and traumas to be acknowledged and cleared. Combined with the solar flares that have been changing and raising the frequency of the Global Grid that surrounds and supports the Earth, we have been in a time of real change.

Scorpio Full Moon
Beautiful strong and deep Scorpio energy from the Magical May full moon

What I noticed with the Grid that surrounds the Earth is that a single new grid line “energetic overlay’ had appeared following the solar flares. This showed up as a red/orange/gold colour in what is normally a white flowing grid line. This energy then began to merge into the usual grid lines. The merging of this new energy has triggered and brought up the feminine aspect within each of us to be worked with. So any suppression of sexual wounding/ trauma, abuse of the feminine principle or power from this or other lifetimes is now being exposed for us to heal our patterning around this. And then to create a new reality in our world. Women have been judged as less than for over 2000 years when the feminine principle was suppressed and a new patriarchal rule emerged. It is now time for this wounding and judgement to be released and bring about more balance within everyone, male and female, into a more androgynous way of being. This then allows us to express and experience from the feminine or masculine energy.

So the Univerrsal Law to have a play with this week is:



When you judge others, you are in fact, simply judging an aspect of the self.

What the?? I can hear your indignant reaction to this Universal Law. The law that is constantly being presented to us via people and situations that we feel we have every right to judge, then usually condemn and then, finally pronounce our own personal justice sentence over.

In truth, our vibratory field can ONLY attract to us what we truly believe, either consciously or subconsciously. So what does this really mean? Check back to a previous post on The Law of Attraction to gain more insight into how we attract certain situations and experiences into our lives.

A few rules of thumb with this Law to make you aware that there is a situation playing out that you really need to go within yourself to check what is really being triggered include:

1. Gossip. The urge to gossip about someone and their behaviour or situation usually indicates there is something for you to also look at that is vibrating in your energy with this aspect. If you are looking at the situation as a learning or trigger to do a self check and need to talk it through from that point of view with someone, or how to approach speaking your truth – different story.  Thats great.

2. Ego. If the urge to make out that we are BETTER than someone else because of how we behaved compared to them in a situation is a dead give away we are maybe feeling insecure. The need to put someone else down to make ourselves feel better about us is a great sign to stop and maybe give ourselves more self love and encouragement!

3. Trigger. What intent, words or actions have triggered you because of a situation or person. Sometimes this is a great opportunity to go deep within and look at our ‘hidden’ limiting belief systems or patterning that may be from our family, DNA, this or other lifetime experiences.  Any judgement of ANYTHING, especially is there is an emotional charge around it,  is a great opportunity to find your truth from the situation. Are you judging yourself in your head in a similar way the other person or situation is reflecting back to you? We are often our own harshest critics. We get so used to hearing the negaive speak in our head that we need a reminder from ‘our mirror outside’ us to show us we are creating a distortion in our reality. Be kind to yourself and others.

4. Action. Sometimes in a given situation we need to speak our truth. Especially if that is something that we tend to NOT do or have difficulties with. Firstly though, if possible, take the time to sit quietly and see what your issue is with the situation. Then acknowledge and feel what you found has come up – don’t be afraid of your emotions. E – MOTION is simply a movement of energy! Then letting the feeling go with love. Have the intent to be grateful for the experience and set a new positive belief system in its place. Then if you feel that you need to express your truth to the person, remember the gift from the experience. They have simply been playing a role for you in this case scenario!!

So… whenever you hear someone gossiping or using a situation to make themselves look better, ask “What is going on for you so that you feel the need to judge this person?” Or indeed, ask yourself that very question!! And then find the gift in the insight you allow to come through. In fact, see how MANY insights or gifts you can get from each seemingly ‘annoying’ situation.


There is always some truth for you personally somewhere in these healings’, as my intention is for anyone that tunes into the post, receive exactly what they need to. There is always a frequency shift that will happen for you at some level. So take the time to tune into the energy coming in for you. The message from the Transference Healing® that came through this week was very much around change and learning to speak our truth in situations. So many of us hold back on what we truly need to express for fear of ‘hurting’ others or what others might think of us. Bah humbug!! If we speak to another person or being from our heart with integrity, without dumping emotionally, then that is the best we can ask of ourselves. It is very healing to be able to speak our truth especially in situations that we may have previously felt intimidated with or in.

Some of us may have felt we have had our ‘back to the wall’ with no clear answer or solution to a situation, way of life or relationship. We may have felt over tired or exhausted. Neck pain and headaches may have been common especially in the week of the solar flares. This change that is happening is from deep within our DNA and nervous system. Ancient lineage patterning and belief systems that we have been creating our experiences from are now shifting. It can sometimes take a little time for this change to show up within our reality around us. Old karmic ties and relationships are being cleared away now so you can create from a new space. Lower back pain has been a common symptom with these changes and physical rejuvenation came up to be worked with. So you will get some more energy back in the upcoming weeks. Phew.

The other big shift that is happening is actually occurring on an inter-dimensional level. This can cause some the physical symptoms like nausea. Feelings of sea sickness or strange ‘movement’ when you are sitting/lying still have been occurring. Not seeing cars or people on the roads until they are almost on top of you as we work with this new inter-dimensional shifts are common too. This is an aspect of the new grid energy that has come through. So take care and be mindful of which dimension you are in!! This shift in frequency affects us all differently. Don’t be surprised if you feel a slight tingling or burning in your crown as these new frequencys’ come into your being.. simply remember to stay grounded and allow the energy to flow through you. Remember all is well in your world.



The 3 Animal Magic Cards that came through with this healing include the Centaur, Crab and Thunderbird:

These 3 cards have come through for your reading Centaur, Crab and Thunderbird
These 3 Animal magic Cards that have come through for your reading include Centaur, Crab and Thunderbird











  • Centaur: Healer

Mythology shows Centaurs as half horse half man. They held the reputation of being warlike and struggled between the balance of good and evil in life. Chiron was the Centaur that was different from this general group of beings. He was known for his healing ability as a Master Healer. Chiron shows us that we are here to learn how to ‘heal thyself”. As soul beings we come onto the Earth plane with a ‘soul wounding’ that we are here to master and integrate. Each of us has a particular Chiron wounding (more understanding of this on a personal level can be found in the Beyond Doorways Book or when receiving a Transference Healing® session) depending on what our soul has chosen to experience in this lifetime. So when we are going through an initiation or being ‘pushed’ in a change process of growth, we can tend to go back into our old, sometimes destructive patterns of behaviour.

In the card with this reading there is a lot of activity in the cosmos behind the Centaur including the full moon. This months full moon is in Scorpio as well so it may feel as though there is a lot of  chaos going on in your life. When Centaur comes up in a reading it is showing us there is an ongoing transition or an opportunity to release deep DNA/cellular memory wounding. This can cause uncomfortable symptoms on a physical,  mental or emotional level. So don’t be surprised if you have had neck/back pain, heart palpitations, tiredness or been feeling  emotionally vulnerable. Also know that if these symptoms are coming up – it’s ok. They will settle as the shift or transition brings through more understanding and new inner gifts for us. Have the courage to feel the fear and do it anyway.. ask the universe/God/Higher Self for help if you need it!! Anytime. Remember to get out of your head with any negative self talk. Be grateful for what you already have. This is a wonderful time to allow healing from old relationships to happen as well as any old sexual trauma. We have mastered many gifts and talents in other lifetimes which have sometimes been blocked from wounding – the Centaur energy helps us to bring through these gifts and talents. Like everything in life though we have to let go of the old to create room to bring in the new!


  • Crab: Emotion

Crab represents the water which is based around emotion. Sometimes we hold on to old relationships or ways of being to make us feel emotionally secure. Mr Crab has come through to help you to open your heart and release old painful emotions so your heart space can expand.  At this moment in time, though, you may feel as though you have had enough. This is a perfect place to be.  It is now, in this moment, that you can let go. Breathe. As you let go this is when the healing and miracles happen. Light is pouring in through the body of the crab. This is showing that the new energy that has been pouring into the Earths Gridline is also resonating into you. This causes shifts deep within our cells, and this release can cause some emotional moments. Allow yourself to feel these emotions without judgement. Crab has come through to support you in this shift. Again, this is a wonderful opportunity to allow change to help raise your vibration, and remind you how to bring yourself into a place of peace. Physically the Crab helps to balance the lymphatic system and alchemical body to help create healing within. So allow this deep emotional healing to happen knowing you are safe and supported by Crab.


  • Thunderbird: Lightning Spirit.

Thunderbird is an enormous, mythical bird common to Native American religion. It has the ability to change the elements and shift energy to promote clearing. And HES BACK!! This card has only just recently come through in a reading in the Be who you truly are Healing and Card Reading post week. Thats because there is so much electro-magnetic energy coming onto the Earth at the moment that affects us, since we are created from and connected to the Earth. The orange and gold of the sword is really standing out this time as it is reflecting the new colours that have come through into the earths Grid lines to be integrated. Light is also pouring down through the crown chakra at the top of the head. This help bring new vibrations through, in turn presenting through the beak and reminding us to speak our truth in situations, from the heart. There are new opportunities and new beginnings coming through soon so be positive that all this change will allow the new into your reality. Thunderbird energy is awesome as it moves these shifts and clearings through quickly. Yaaaay!! So even if it feels intense just know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and a lot of new beginnings for you to choose from and enjoy. So call on Thunderbird if you need help to finish off this internal  ‘clean out’. The Thunderbird can resolve issues from a deep level seemingly overnight.

So enjoy your week.. remember be grateful for your experiences and lessons. You have co-created them! Choose to see the positive in your journey – for that is then what you will create more of in life.

Blessings and love till next week

Magic Maree xxx








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