Wave ride of change

Part 2: Riding the Wave of Change: Magical Nature Moments and Crystal Meditation.

Magical Nature Moments:

A Whales tale…

So whats so special about Whales I hear you ask? Yes they are majestic to watch in the water. Yes they are REALLY BIG!! And man has always had this fasination with watching whales breaching and moving out along the horizon on the ocean. There is much more to them than meets the eye though.. and in this post we will look at why the whale is so important on this Earth energetically.

Having grown up in South West of Western Australia and in the country on the coast I was blessed to be surrounded by nature.

Every August the hump back whales and their calves would rest out in thebeautiful heart shaped bay of Esperance. They were a constant part of my child hood and were part of the inspiration for me to take up scuba diving. Over the years I have been fortunate enough to spend time with whales and even swim with the whale sharks.

Orca at Bremer Bay
The Orca coming up to say “hello”

This February was even more special when it came to ‘whales’. Along with my nephew and sister we travelled to Bremer Bay on our way back to our home town of Esperance.  We experience an amazing day 1.5 hours off shore in “Bremer Canyon”. The ocean depth fell from an average of 72m down to between 1-4 KM once we were off the continental shelf. This is where the big fishes came to feed for about 2 months of the year. And boy were they big!

And with them came the Orca Whales!! Orcas are actually of the Dolphin family, though they are the King of the Jungle within the sea. There were an array of big fish – long finned pilot whales, hammerhead sharks, dolphins and then the Orca.


Long Finned Pilot Whales
Long Finned Pilot Whales in pods of 20 or so

Whales and Dolphins have a unique role to play energetically on this Earth. They actually stay ‘connected’ to source throughout their entire incarnation here on Earth and their brain is as complex as a humans. The Dolphins frequency that is emitted actually tunes into the Grid Lines of the Earth that are an electro-magnetic energetic meridian system. This frequency grid is also essential for humans to help increase our lightbody vibration and clear our physical body. The Dolphin carries Sirian energy in its sonar system. Dolphins communicate and express themselves with mental telepathy, physical movement and frequency sounds. This in turn helps us as humans to increase our frequency.

Whales carry the memories of the Earths history within their DNA. They emit ‘songs’ where the frequency can help to reveal DNA coding from within us. They are also known to help with re-coding and their songs can be picked up by other whales hundreds of miles apart from each other. It is believed they also help to clear the “song lines” or meridian grids of the Earth. Listening to whale and dolphin sounds through music is relaxing and calming. It always fills me with joy and wonder when I sense or see the whales or dolphins around.
After returning to shore from spending so much time with the Dolphins and Whales, it was obvious that some sort of ‘shift’ had happened not just for me, but for all of us. We were all in a very peaceful place but couldn’t stop giggling. The beautiful sea creatures and the ocean had woven their magic for us.

So if you ever get the opportunity to spend time with these amazing creatures in the wild – jump at it with both arms open. Its a truly incredible experience.

And remember.. tune in to what nature is trying to teach you by noticing the animals and insects around you. They will often have a message for you. So set the intention of being aware of whats happening in nature around you!!


Magical Crystals:

Chrysocolla is the actual crystal connected to dolphins and mermaids. Since we looked at the chrysocolla and have done a mediation with this crystal in Welcome to the Magic Maree website: Part 2  the next crystal that wanted to come through was Larimar. This crystal has similar properties to Chyrsocolla as it also works with the heart and brings through peace. It is a ‘spiritual’ stone that opens us to new dimensions, connects us to angels and Larimar helps us easily move into a meditative state. So it is also perfect if you have had issues thinking you ‘can’t meditate”!!

Larimar Crystal
Larimar Crystal

It helps remove self blockages and constraints as well as self-sabotaging behaviour such as ‘martyrdom’. (This is a good one for women and especially Mothers.) It helps alleviate guilt and release fear. Mentally Larimar brings serenity, calmness and the ability to ‘go with the flow’. Larimar holds the essence of the time of Lemuria which was a much higher vibration frequency that we existed in than now. It also connects to the grids of the Earth and Goddess energy which helps women connect into their femininity. So in essence larimar is very nurturing and calming, radiating love and peace. The mediation that has come through for you with Larmiar takes us into the realms of the age of Lemuria. Allow the gentle soft energy from this ancient time on Earth expand your awareness of who you truly are and where you have come from…

Lemurian energy Meditation with Larimar:

You can tape the meditation before hand if you want to fully relax and experience the amazing energy of Lemuria.

1. As always when meditating, find a space where you have relative quiet without being disturbed. Make sure you are comfortably sitting with your spine straight in a chair or on the floor supported with cushion under you, or resting comfortably where you will not just fall asleep!

2. Set the scene with some meditative music playing, and if you have them some candles lit. 3 x white candles helps to raise the frequency in a room, though any will be fine. Having a clear quartz crystal near them enhances the energy.

3. If you have a Larimar crystal you can hold the crystal or place it near you. If not simply call the energy of the Larimar crystal through to be with you for this meditation.

4. Take a deep breathe, feeling into your abdomen as you breathe. Bring the breath in, deeply expanding your lungs. Hold for 5 seconds then slowly release the breathe. Check to see where your shoulders are situated at this point. Are they tight and up near your ears? Take another breath in and again allow your lungs to fully expand. Hold for 5 – then as you slowly release the breath consciously drop your shoulders at the same time so they are also relaxed. Move your neck around gently releasing any stress from being held tightly all day.

5. Now gently close your eyes and let your mind settle. Take your awareness to your heart area. Feel, sense or see white light beginning to pulse from your heart. This white light gently expands outward to the rest of your body. It fills each cell with a  beautiful white frequency. It gently clears and revitalises you. Feel the light in every part of your body. Now allow it to expand out from the body to form a gentle white mist around you.

6. The white light merges with more mist floating toward you… let yourself sit in this gentle mist for a time. Feel peace and relaxation flowing through you.

7. After a few minutes you notice the mist clearing. A landscape appears before you. It is not anything you have ever seen before. There is an ocean of still calm water before you. The water is a beautiful pale green/blue. It is surrounded by large crystal formations and the rocks are made of ‘ethereal’ like crystals of all shapes and colours. The Larimar crystal rocks that surround the water are smooth and almost transparent.

8. Feel, see or sense the fine white crystal sand beneath your feet. It is soft, gentle and nurturing, for this is the energy of Lemuria. Gently move to touch the ‘ethereal’ crystal formations. Explore the soft energy coming from within them. Then gently walk into the calm water to whatever depth you feel comfortable. Soak in  the nurturing vibration of the green/blue ocean surrounding and supporting you. Let yourself float in this healing vibration for a time.

9. Now while you are in the water connect into the Larimar Crystal. Feel the Larimar Crystal essence flowing through your heart and then washing all over you. Enjoy this nurturing vibration. Ask for any healing for deep within your heart or relationships that needs to happen. Allow the Lemurian energy to bring through release and peace into your heart.

10. Sit in this space for a while. Then thank the Lemurian energy for helping you with this healing. When you are ready bring yourself gently back into the here and now. Breathe and focus on moving your toes and fingers. Once you are more grounded, gently open your eyes.

Remember the feeling of peace and calm that the Larimar brought you during the mediation if you feel yourself becoming stressed in every day life.

Have a wonderful week. Over the next few posts the meditations will also be available in voice recording to make it easier to enjoy.


Much love and blessings until next week


Magic Maree xxx





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Wave ride of change

Riding the Wave of Change… Healing and Card Reading


Welcome to the Magic Maree Post.

Each full moon this year just keeps on bringing in that energy of “Out with the old and in with the New!” This month is no different. After a short respite the March full moon has come in and there has been sudden endings and then just as sudden beginnings. Wether this is around work, personal life, belief structures or relationships it’s all being affected. Change and restructure. At the end of the day there will be an obvious shift within us that will reflect and create a new reality in our outer world. The best analogy is we are riding on a wave and there is no shore, no land. We need to move and feel in the moment to stay balanced and in the flow of this wave we call life. Easier said than done sometimes!

Full moon in March 2015
Full moon in March



The universal law of Resistance. This is an interesting rule with the universe.

What we resist.. persists! What does this actually mean? My understanding of this law is based on my own experience of having moments (or years) of being too stubborn to really look at a situation and work out what my part in creating it has been. And what is the gift in it all. We come to Earth to learn to master our emotions. Of course we have to learn to really be able to connect to them first! So part of this rule includes allowing ourselves to feel into a situation.  This can be difficult for a lot of people because emotions can seem scary and threatening to our health and wellbeing. Even our very survival. God forgive, says our Ego, if that emotion gets a hold of us we are ‘done for’. So resisting becomes a way of suppressing or avoiding emotions. For whatever personal reason or situation we have experienced that makes it ‘unsafe” to do so. We may be judged as too emotional, and not have strategies to cope, so we block the emotions again. Undesirable situations are  often created by sub-conscious belief patterning. This means it is hiding and the only way this limiting patterning is going to be seen is through what we create in our reality. The Universe helps us by manifesting people to come into our lives and act as a mirror for us. How often do you attract the SAME type of person into relationships, business or issues in different scenarios? This is your soul getting your attention to show you “Hey – its time to take a look at what is happening within your subconscious. Take responsibility. And if you won’t see it this time it’s ok, there is plenty more of the same where that came from.” Its Ground Hog Day all over again.

So how do you change from resistance to surrender? When its all too hard, Surrender is simply giving the situation to source (or God or The universe or whatever you relate to), and allowing healing and insights to come through – in Divine Timing. The first thing to do is notice the resistance. What does this look like? A good rule of thumb is if you feel uncomfortable in a situation or a person is triggering your emotions. Constantly analysing in your head  and getting into the blame game… thats usually a good sign there is something deeper that needs to be looked at.

Acknowledge your feelings, especially to yourself, and let them flow through you. Make sure you are in a safe space if you know you have been suppressing your emotions for a long time. Then ask “What is my learning in this situation? What needs to come up to be released so I can clear these patterns or beliefs that are creating my reality ?” You know the patterning has been cleared when you no longer attract those situations into your life, or those people no longer trigger you emotionally.  You may find people actually disappear from your life once you have realised and released hidden patterning. We are creating so quickly now that we need to be mindful to surrender our resistance in the moment when possible. Being grateful to that person or situation for the gift of growth is a sure sign you are well on the way to working with a new pattern or belief system!


The Transference Healing® that came through this week included clearing of Karmic Pain and releasing restrictions on all levels to allow through more of our gifts and talents. The throat and heart were the two areas that a lot of clearing has been going on. So if you have had a sore irritated throat or your heart has been emotionally hurting, you are not alone! The glands also came up to be balanced on all levels so some of you may have been feeling a little off colour physically. Sometimes when the heart is opening up more energetically there can be actual physical soreness at the back or the front of the heart chakra area. Touching the areas where the ribs joint the sternum on your front can be surprisingly tender at these times. You may have been feeling more emotional than usual. Emotions can distort our perception of a situation and cloud our vision of the truth. This can then lead to us going into resistance. And we know what happens then!  More of the same! This is a form of Karma. This will settle soon and once we have cleared the old stuff – then we allow room for the new. Hence gifts and talents such as clairaudience (being able to hear from other dimensions or be more attuned to our own inner voice) are now coming through much stronger. It may have felt chaotic lately emotionally or in life for some, but take heart, this is coming to a close and life will be more ‘in the flow’ and gentle. The words “take action and do what you need to do” came through strongly. SO if you have been putting off getting things done you will feel better if you make a start or commitment to yourself to take action now. The Animal Magic Cards also gave a lot of insight and healing as to what may have been happening for some of you.


The 3 Animal Magic Cards that came through with the healing are The Undine, Fox and Crab.


Undine, fox and crab
Animal Magic Cards include the Undine, Fox and Crab.

Undine: Water Spirit

The Undine supports the crystallisation of water. Water is also the emotional aspect of our bodies so you can see how powerful the Undine can be to help heal emotional issues going on for us at this time. Undine helps to clear painful distortions deep with the psyche. This is allowing more light to come into the body and clear the way for a shift in consciousness. Soy ou may have been feeling more ’emotional’ than usual and having negative thoughts or situations play out that are really triggering the emotions. Again the blue is really strong so for those of you with throat issues there is a clearing going on for you at a deep level. You may be learning to speak your truth in a different way or learning to communicate with yourself at a more truthful level.The ears are really prominent on the Undine so you may need to spend time quietly tuning in and listening to your inner voice for some insights or wisdom. The green then flows through to show the heart shifts that have been happening at a deeper level, maybe causing heart ache emotionally and physically. She is showing that her head is being held above water, so don’t worry, things will settle down emotionally soon. The Angels are coming through with the light to show they are supporting you in this process of change.

Fox: Detachment

The Fox helps you to detach from and release energetic plays that are created through karmic ties with people or in situations. This time the Fox is telling you to “Let it go – You don’t need this anymore. All is well in your world. Follow me.” His eyes are really looking at you with depth and wisdom. Tune into his eyes and feel this energy. The orange glow from his coat and all around the Fox is showing that there is so much creativity within you, and all that needs to be done is tune into what you really want in life. Then focus on that! We get what we focus on. The sun in the background is beginning to shine a little stronger, which shows up the tracks that are taking you on a new path. Trust your inner guidance and let go of ‘obligation’ towards others that is not really your responsibility. This is your life. Trust that the divine wisdom within you is helping you at this time.. simply ask for the help and insights and be open to the answers. It is not always what we may think so keep an open mind.

Crab: Emotion

The crab is sitting with the claws tucked up tightly as if protecting himself. His eyes and the compass image in the background is glowing with green which suggests he is really feeling the heart opening at the moment. There is also a healing on a physical level going on. This is making him feel vulnerable and not so sure of himself.  He is reminding you to allow yourself to feel into your emotions. The crab energy can help you to overcome this hypersensitivity and allow you to feel safe while making decisions within this change process. Sometimes the chest or back area around the heart can feel tender and tight when there is an energetic opening happening. The crab also works with the lymphatic system creating alchemical changes within the body that can help with healing. Remember to nurture yourself if you are feeling overwhelmed. Its ok to take some “time out”. Even if its just a quick walk on your own. Do some really big deep breathes to help release the toxins and old energy from your body. You are simply being prepared for that next new wave that is coming on the ocean over the horizon… Trust your answers will come to you so you can make your decisions knowing that is the best decision you can make for you at this time.

If you love the energy of the Animals, you can start doing your own readings daily with the beautiful Animal Magic Cards.

Have an amazing week. Much love and Blessings

Magic Maree xxx






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Flying Free to be Me

Part 2 : Be who you truly are….Crystal Meditation and Magical Nature Moments

Magical Nature Moments:

When was the last time you actually tuned into Mother Earth or any of nature that surounds us?

Be honest!! Do you know which birds that make that beautiful music near you? If you indeed hear any birds where you live.

Are you aware that when you tune into that amazing bird song you are actually tuning into another dimension? Birds have the gift of bringing into our dimension the vibration and ‘sound’ from another realm. Once we are awakened to this phenomenon of bird sounds being from another reality, does this miracle of bird song becomes a reality in our world?. Once we allow this energy into our being, with intent, only then do we feel the full impact on our ‘etheric or vibrational’ body. I dare you to play with this…

3 friendly kookaburras return to say ‘hi’

There are many variety of bird life where I live on the mountain. The kookaburras are often popping in to say hello and they become quite friendly over time. They love little bits of organic tofu protein as treats and will often eat from my hand. It is incredible watching them catch a snake for lunch. They are powerful birds and their laughter is distinct and always makes me smile. During the summer months with all the rain, they often turn up looking bedraggled, and with a red tinge to their feathers.The red tinge is from the volcanic red soil that is all over the mountain. They can border on looking ‘punk’ with this colour in their head feathers! I hadn’t seen them for a few weeks and was thinking about them one day wishing they would pop in for a visit. No word of a lie, within 3 minutes all 3 of them flew down and landed on my balcony railing. Talk about connected and psychic! Those kookas are amazing.


Mrs Magpie drops in for breakfast

There are also Magpies that drop in for a catch-up and a bit of breakfast. This one in the photo is a regular. A few days after this photo was taken of her sharing breakfast with me, a massive storm swept through the mountain, It was so wet that the Magpie brought her baby in to sit on the chairs on the balcony to get out of the rain. Smart as well as oportunistic.

The call of the Whip Bird is also common on the mountain, and as we were walking through a local rain forest recently at sunset they were out in force. They are my favourite bird sound and I always tune in to the frequency behind the sound vibration when I hear them. Try this yourself the next time you hear bird song. Allow the sound to vibrate through your body and see where in the body it feels the most intense. I often feel or sense the vibration in my heart.

Rainforest walk at sunset
Bird sounds in the rainforest at sunset. Whip birds galore.

Magical Crystals:

Since there has been so much releasing on so many deep levels, and many physical symptoms showing up, it came through to discuss the properties and benefits of Amethyst crystal.

Amethyst is a purple/lavender coloured crystal that can fade in sunlight. It has strong healing and protective powers. Mentally it helps you to feel less scattered and enhances the assimilation of new ideas coming through. Amethyst assists the decision making process by helping spiritual insights and common sense merge into action. It cleanses the aura and transmuting negative energy, which is why the Violet Flame Meditation is so beneficial to work with, during times of change. Amethyst also reconnects the physical, mental and emotional planes. It can help with headaches and releases tension in an overactive mind. The properties of Amethyst can help to energetically cleanse and transmute other crystals.

crystal amethyst cluster and angel
Amethyst crystal cluster with crystal angel.

St Germain is the ascended master that anchored the violet flame onto the earth to help us with world transmutation. He is chohan of the 7th ray (violet ray) and thus help us change our selves and our world.

St Germain Violet Flame Meditation:

Here is a simple yet powerful meditation to work with Amethyst and the Violet Flame  This meditation will be overseen by St Germain to help you with the transmutation(shifting) of any physical, mental or emotional bindings. (it may be a good idea to tape the meditation before hand so you can fully relax during it)

1. Sit or lie comfortably, with gentle meditation music playing if possible, and focus on your breathe. Gently close your eyes. Allow yourself to become calm and quiet. If you have an Amethyst crystal hold the crystal. If not, simply have the intention for the Amethyst crystal to be in your hand.

2. Take your awareness into your heart chakra area and see, sense or feel white light beginning to pulse gently out from the centre of the heart. Stay in this space for a time.

3.  Sense, see or feel an Amethyst cave underneath your feet. As you tune into the crystal cave, you sense another being coming though the cave toward you. This being becomes clearer and you realise it is St Germain. He stands in front of you helping you with this violet flame transmutation.

4. See, sense or feel a beautiful violet coloured flame gently moving upward from the Amethyst cave. This violet flame begins to flow over your feet, then up your legs and gradually weaving up your body. This flame gets more intense in violet colour as it moves up your body. The violet flame cleanses your aura as well as your physical body. See or sense the flame transmuting any darkness or negative energy from every cell in your body. You are the light.

5, The flames are now covering your entire body and well over your head, cleansing and purifying anything that has been released into your auric field. Feel the sense of cleansing and calmness that the violet flame brings to you. Allow yourself to sit in this powerful, transmuting violet flame for as long as  you want.

6. When you are ready, let the violet flame recede back into the Amethyst cave. Give thanks to St Germain and the Amethyst crystal for assisting you with this cleansing and revitalising meditation. Once the energy starts to dissipate and when you are ready, gently bring your attention back to your breath, and start to bring yourself back into the here and now. Gradually open your eyes.

Know that you can visualise and work with the Violet Flame any time during the day or night if you know you are stressed or going through a change in your life. It really is a powerful tool to use each day. Do this if you are having trouble sleeping, as Amethyst does help to calm the mind.

Love and Blessings till next time… Magic Maree xx





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Flying Free to be Me

Be Who You Truly are…. Healing and Card Reading


Welcome to the Magic Maree post. My intention with this weeks post is to bring through some insights and interesting information for you that are maybe a bit on the ‘different’  and esoteric side of life! Have you been feeling that life has been a bit more crazy than usual in the past few years? Well you are not alone… There really has been a huge energetic shift on Earth, and of course WE are connected to our Earth, so also have to make some big energetic shifts within ourselves. We all go through times in life that seem Oh so too hard!! There have been many ‘AAARGHHH’ moments for me and not knowing if I will even get through some of these painful, hard lessons… but somehow I seem to come out the other side. A bit battered but much stronger. So my challenge to you is to see these ‘hard moments’ in life as the ultimate gift. To help you find out who you truly are….

“This above all, to thine own self be true”… Shakespeare (Hamlet) 

This quote was written on the index page of my leaving school book from my English Literature and Drama teacher. She knew me better than most of my teachers, so she must have seen my inability to speak my truth, instead being a ‘people pleaser’. On a deeper level as a naive, disconnected ‘country bumpkin’ 17 year old, I had no idea what this quote even meant. It was a great start though to my asking questions about what is my truth and  ‘who am I?’

Over the years, I have come to realise how important it is to actually firstly learn who I am, which then helps me to know what my truth is. Once you discern then speak and act on this truth, especially when heart based, it usually frees up others around you to be in thier truth as well. Are you in situations that you really feel uncomfortable with and know you need to learn to speak your truth more? This can also actually free up others from playing a certain role in your life that can then complete a form of karma with them.


Law Of Attraction.  This is a really important law for us to grasp… otherwise we will unwittingly attract more of the same stuff we don’t want into our lives and wonder why! Or we can understand how to maintain the flow of prosperity and positivity in our reality. Which would you rather?

This law helps us to understand that we are actually co-creators in our own world. As mentioned in the last post, what we focus on and think about, is what turns up. It may not appear how we think it will, nor in the exact timing we wanted. There is also an aspect of the universe or Divine Will at play here. We are all connected, and this ‘web of life’ is part of an intricate pattern that makes up our existence. It may be that there are a few links in the chains that are needed to be activated to bring to us our desires we have focused on. This may involve a few people being in the ‘right’ place at the ‘right time! Our idea of timing may not be the same as the Universes. We always get what we really need in perfect, divine timing. And if not exactly what we wanted, something better for us at that time in life.

How do we actually slow or stop our desire manifesting? By holding on too tightly and focusing on it NOT happening. WHY?

Because without realising it, we have changed the focus from feeling as if the ‘thing’ or desire already exists, and then put all our focus on it NOT being here. Therefore the Law of Attraction is still at work. Bringing you what you want. Which is nothing! You are simply reconfirming that your desire doesn’t exist in your world. Gratitude is the greatest form of affirming your desire. Even if it is not here… YET. Act, think and feel as if it is here. And be grateful for it, and what you already have.

I know this can seem hard to do if you are unwell or experiencing financial difficulties. Begin by acting as if you are healthy or abundant. Give thanks for the things that are healthy in your body or that you can still do! If someone you know is unwell – see them as healthy and whole. Our intention for others is also powerful and can be used as a form of ‘prayer’ with positive intent. It is always the truth for that persons Higher Self though what will occur.

So what will the first focus of intent be for yourself? Play with this Law of Attraction. Start with something simple. Think of a song you loved and haven’t heard for ages, or pick an animal you connect with. Then, first thing before you get out of bed, set your intent to ‘cross paths’ with that desire. Visualise the desire, feel what it would be like to achieve this desire within 3 days, and then say to the Universe… ” my intention is to experience the connection with (insert your desire) and I thank you for bringing this to me within 3 days.” If you wish for a million dollars, you may not truly believe at a deep level that you deserve it, so make sure you start with something simple to experience this law and become more confident.

Green butterfly with crystal
Forgotten Green Butterfly

I did this with green butterflies… (I recommend the book E2 by Pam Grout to really get you into this way of creating!) and was giggling to myself as I thought “Green butterflies don’t live around here..Where will I see green butterflies!”. However I worked with the process and by day 2 the manifestation started. I was watching a science fantasy movie, when lo and behold in one weird scene, hundreds of green butterflies flew into the car! I was impressed and delighted with my ‘creation’ but it didn’t end there! I was actually watching the movie in bed on my computer, and looked up contemplating the appearance of these green butterflies where I hadn’t expected them in the movie. It was then I  realised another green butterfly was in front of my face. I had completely forgotten there was a clear quartz crystal hanging from a magnet on my iron candelabra – and it was attached to a green butterfly! I started laughing as I had not noticed that green butterfly for years!

So BE OPEN as to how and where the ‘desire’ will manifest. Happy Attracting!! What we focus on we will create!! Wether negative or positive the universe will give us our wish.


The Transference Healing® that came through for this post, and therefore aspects of the healing for all who connect in to this site. was on a similar theme to last weeks. There is still a lot of releasing of old patterning and DNA cell memory being released from a deep level. This can manifest as physical, mental or emotional symptoms. You may not resonate with all the insights from the healing or Animal Magic Cards, but just know there will be a healing on some level for you, so be open to this.

Some of you may have been finding it difficult to make decisions or sorting out old issues with others. You can feel overwhelmed and alone with this deep clearing. This space is known as ‘being in the Void’. It can feel lonely and unsettling, though it is often a very powerful time when a lot of releasing of subconscious restrictive patterning and belief systems occur. The Void is also the space where your new gifts and talents and creative ideas begin to manifest from. So just know everything is alright – even if it feels uncomfortable. Let Go and Let God! And another of my fave sayings to get me through these times is:

‘It is always darkest just before the dawn’

So hang in there and know all is well in your world, the sun is just about to pop up over the horizon to shine it’s light on you!


The 3 Animal Magic Cards for week 2
The 3 Animal Magic Cards for this week: Thunderbird, Wolf and Frog.

The first of the 3 Animal Magic Cards cards that has come through for you is:

  • Thunderbird: Lightning Spirit.

Thunderbird is an enormous, mythical bird common to Native American religion. It has the ability to change the elements and shift energy to promote clearing. That is exactly what Thunderbird has come through to tell you – there are fast impactful changes happening now. Lots of clearing away of deep unwanted patterning and even shifting at DNA level. The Thunderbird can affect the electromagnetic body with all these changes. This could be why you have been experiencing unexplained physical ‘lightbody’ symptoms around the head, ears and neck in particular. Also sore joints or unusual heart palpations may have been occurring over this time. Get ready – things are really going to change, and for the better. Everything is perfectly divinely orchestrated so there is no need to feel overwhelmed. The orange colour surrounding the snake on the sword is really standing out, so this transition is cutting away unwanted parts of your life, allowing you to become more creative with the space that is left from this culling! For some people this may include shifts in relationships with partners, children, friends or home and career changes to be more balanced and in alignment with your soul purpose.

  • Wolf: Teacher.

The full moon is strong and clear, and the wolf howls and communicates with the moon. It was actually the full moon on the day this healing and card reading was channelled through, and the full moon was one of the most powerful for creativity and making changes to bring in the new for 2015. It is apt the Wolf has come through to help you really express yourself from your heart as you tune into your intuition and Higher Self. Remember that what we say out loud is very powerful for bringing our desires into fruition. Wolf also seems to be saying you are ready to take on new and different responsibilities at home or work. It feels like there is still some uncertainty around these new happenings, but the picture is becoming clearer. Your perception is moving from the shadows into the light. You may find people are ready to listen to you with more focus now, and this is a reminder to listen to your own inner voice more closely too. This is a very positive energy to help you through this transition and into the new way of experiencing life.

  • Frog: Rejuvenation.

Phew! Just stop and catch your breath after all this shifting and creating of new ideas into your life. If you have been feeling unwell or stressed, froggy has come through to help you rejuvenate and replenish on the emotional, physical and mental planes. The purification symbol over the water is saying you have been through a big clearing, and emotionally this may have been challenging. Even froggy looks a bit tired in this card today!! Remember to have some time out for YOU. This will allow you to relax and feel nurtured. You deserve it… book a pamper session into your diary for yourself. Even if this for you is to have a long bath, spend time in nature, meditate or to finally watch that movie that you have been meaning to see. You are important and need to rest up so your body and soul can rejuvenate. Be Still! The green is really prominent with the frog, so the heart has been doing some big releasing of deep inner child pain, Connect into the heart and if you haven’t done so already, work with the Chrysocolla meditation from last weeks post. It may be beneficial to repeat this meditation regularly at this time. Remember to LOVE yourself. You are really beginning to see another aspect of the self coming through now.

Next week tune into Magical Nature Moments and the Crystal Meditation

Love and Blessings

Magic Maree





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Vibrant heart chakra colours of grass and tree flowers.

Part 2: Welcome to the Magic Maree Website… Crystal Meditation and Magical Nature Moments

Magical Nature Moments:

It was a quiet Sunday morning and my friend had encouraged me to get up really early to drive down to the beach. 45 minutes later we were swimming in the warm, clear water of the Pacific Ocean at Burleigh Heads. It was the perfect beach day. No wind, too early for that relentless Queensland heat to be annoying, and an occasional perfect wave to body surf into shore on. As I was gently swimming, sending love and gratitude to the water and ocean, 2 fins popped up nearly within touching distance from us. Immediately I knew they were dolphins, and as they gently swam around in the search for fish for breakfast, a thrill ran through me. I love dolphin frequency and I knew the fact that they had come this close was a message for me. After a few minutes of swimming close to us they gradually moved away to follow the fish.

Dolphin Magic
Dolphin Magic

On the same day, not long after this wonderful ‘nature moment’, I dropped in to visit a friend who had held a meditation/ritual night for the Full Moon 2 weeks earlier. The weather had been a different story then – thunder, rain and lightening had relentlessly been making itself known for most of the week. The full moon was exceptionally powerful as it was the first full moon for 2015. It was also in conjunction with a Grand Cross where 4 planets were in alignment. This was very significant for change and letting of of the old (including karmic relationships) so new beginnings could come through. We were all hoping for a break in the wether to perform a “Circle of Fire” and crystal meditation. It was to be held under a massive tree that was on the property and was really calling us to work under it. There was a break in the weather and so we set up and started the ritual. Part of the clearing ritual involved the using certain Animal Magic Cards on all 4 points of direction and placing the corresponding crystals on them. Not long after we had finished the Circle of Fire and started the Crystal Meditation, the heavens opened up! Within minutes we were standing with our bare feet in mud getting drenched. It was exhilarating. The most amazing thing was that the one place where the clouds were clear was directly where this powerful full moon was shining through on us. Meanwhile we continued with the ritual and then, completely soaked, once we were finished tried to find the cards and crystals in the mud and rain. We picked up all of them – except one! The Chrysocolla crystal had decided to go missing. It was far too dark and wet to find it that night, so my friend said she would look for it the next day. Over the next two weeks I had the occasional thought that I would like to find the Chrysocolla. If it didn’t turn up I would just replace it for my pack. We all went home that night knowing a huge energetic release had happened.

2 weeks later I arrived back at my friends home. The movable chook pen that housed the half grown chook had been moved to under the tree where we had held the meditation ritual. Imagine my surprise when I went over to say hello to them, that right near the cage, very unassumingly sat my chrysocolla crystal. This was so unexpected as for 2 weeks my friend had not been able to find it! With all the mud and rain I really didn’t think it would be found. It took a few moments for me to realise that the chrysocolla crystal was also the one that was on top of the dolphin card from the Circle of FIre ritual!! And we had just been swimming with Dolphins. The Chrysocolla has long been connected to dolphins and Mermaids. The universe always reminds me how connected everything really is, and how we need to be in the moment to allow the flow for all things to be revealed to us. What a magical moment once I had connected all the dots as to what nature was showing me. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

So make sure you take notice of the magical moments nature has to show you each day. Make an intention to be more connected to nature in some small way, even if its through a book or picture if you do not have nature at your doorstep. Ask the universe for a magical moment in nature this week.. and please feel free to share this on the Magic Maree website if you wish.


Magical Crystals:

The Actual Adventurous Chrysocolla!

Since the crystal that wanted to stay on the land after the full moon meditation was the Chrysocolla, it felt perfect to discuss the properties and benefits of Chrysocolla to all of us. Chrysocolla reflects Unconditional Love and is a blue/green colour with black aspects within the stone. It helps to heal heartache especially with inner child wounding. Chrysocolla assists us to connect into our own emotions and express ourselves more clearly. It assists with change and bringing through tranquility (perfect for the changes coming through in January). Chrysocolla has long been associated with the dolphins and mermaids.

Crystal Meditation:

Here is a simple yet powerful meditation to work with Chrysocolla… (it may be a good idea to tape the meditation beforehand so you can fully relax during it)

1. Sit or lie comfortably, with gentle meditation music playing if possible, and focus on your breath. Gently close your eyes. Allow yourself to become calm and quiet. If you have a Chrysocolla crystal hold the crystal. If not simply have the intention for the Chrysocolla crystal to be in your hand.

2. Take your awareness into your heart chakra area. See, sense or feel white light beginning to pulse gently out from the centre of the heart. This white light now flows over all of your body and aura. Rejuvenating every cell of your being. Stay in this space for a time.

3. Now see, sense or feel the colour of blue/green flowing from the Chrysocolla into your heart area. Feel the Chrysocolla energy releasing any pain, trauma or suppressed emotion from your heart as it spirals around. Notice the space that is created in your heart once these old emotions are released. Now allow the beautiful blue green colour of the Chrysocolla to refill this new space in your heart with Unconditional Love. However that looks or feels for you is perfect.

4. Sit in this space for as long as you feel the energy releasing and the love pouring into your  heart.

5. Once the energy starts to dissipate and when you are ready, gently bring your attention back to your breath, and start to bring yourself back into the here and now. Gradually open your eyes. Place your hand over your heart, giving thanks to the Chrysocolla for the gift of clearing old pain and infusing Unconditional Love.

6. After your meditation you can cleanse the Chrysocolla crystal by running cold water over it, using sage to clear it or simply imagine white light going through the crystal. ALl crystals love being put out in the full moon to rejuvinate, apart from Moldavite which is sun activated.

Love and blessings till next time… Magic Maree xxx

2 x Chrysocolla
The original Chrysocolla tumble stone and another piece with Chrysocolla, Chrysoprase and Malachite. Look for the fairy, wolf and Gaia Om symbol in this mult-imagical crystal.




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Vibrant heart chakra colours of grass and tree flowers.

Welcome to the Magic Maree Website post… including healing and card reading.


Welcome to the Magic Maree post! It is an honour and a blessing that you are here, and my intention is that you receive insight and healing that is perfect to help you find more peace, joy and love within yourself and therefore your life. As we are all transitioning through this massive energetic shift into the 5th dimension as a way of life on  Earth, each week I will include information with meditations, insights into how to keep your energetic body clear and how to begin to know yourself on a much deeper level. Being the first Post I will also take the time to introduce myself and how I “got here” after the card reading…

The usual format I will follow for each post, unless guided otherwise by spirit, will be:

Beginning of week Post

1) Universal Rule

2) Card Reading and Healing for the week

Midweek Post

3) Natures Magical Moments

4) Magic with Crystals, Angelic Beings or Ascended Masters (including Meditation)


Remember every thought we have and and action we create will ultimately affect our life. We are all connected. Any thought or judgement we have about others, is actually in truth about ourselves and will affect us more than the other person. This is a form of Karma. We are the masters of our own universe. So how do you choose to create your reality? With love and compassion or judgement and blame? We are our own worst critic. Instead of judging yourself yet again in your head, change the message. Tell yourself “I love you”. Just for something different. See how it feels. Instead of the usual ‘You silly idiot’ we often say in our head to ourselves when we judge an action or decision as wrong. My favourite line for myself now is “No matter what happens in this situation, I have your back. I love you!” 



Each week I will do a card reading and  healing to bring through what is pertinent, in some way, for EVERY beautiful being that chooses to connect onto this Magic Maree site.. so for you first timers out there this reading is to give you something just that bit different, maybe some insight into an issue or situation playing out in your life at the moment… and how you can speak up from your heart so you are expressing yourself from your truth.

The Animal Magic Cards are calling me to do these readings. I have already run the Transference Healing® energy to bring through these cards. So if YOU have tuned in to this site you have automatically been connected to receive this healing and information . Even though this healing and reading was done at the end of January 2015, it is timeless and you are very much meant to be here right now connecting in to this energy….


The 3 Animal magic Cards for this weeks reading. The Frilled Neck Lizard, Leopard and Snake.
The 3 Animal Magic Cards for this weeks reading. The Frilled Neck Lizard, Leopard and Snake.

The first of the 3 cards that has come through for you is:

  • Frilled Neck Lizard: Self-worth.

The liquid gold that is ready to burst forth from the Lizards throat and mouth is also full of light. This is reminding you to speak your truth but to connect into your ‘inner wisdom’ before doing so. Sometimes if we are feeling insecure or unworthy we may be overreactive or have a knee-jerk emotional ‘dump’ on someone if we feel threatened in a particular situation. The gold is also to remind us that we manifest what we put out verbally, so be mindful of how we speak our words. The lizards eyes are showing kindness, so the more kindness you show to yourself the more self-worth you have, and the less reactive your responses will be. Take 3 big, slow breathes if you are feeling overwhelmed and are wanting to respond from a calmer place. Simple but effective.  The Lizard is holding a jasper crystal, reminding us to stay grounded. As  you ground with awareness into the Earth, ask Mother Earth to bring through energy specifically for you, to help your body, mind and soul rejuvenate and balance. The red in the Lizard is suggesting you have been very active lately, so take some time out for you to re-charge and re-balance. The ear of the Lizard is looking ‘wolf-like’ which means that its time to listen, as the greatest teachers are often great listeners first. This may mean be mindful and listen to others, or listen to your own inner guidance.

  • Leopard: Transference

The Leopard is looking off into the distance with determination and wonder at the same time. The alchemy symbol is really prominent and glowing, which shows an ‘internal shift’ could be happening. This will eventually lead to changes in your outer reality.The orange and gold is again standing out on the Leopards coat. This means a shift in your own empowerment and self-worth is in process. Trust you instincts at this time, as a deep trauma may be clearing. This card is perfect following the Lizard, as it means the situations that come up for you to deal with have been created by your higher self to help you understand more about your true self, and how you work from your power centre (solar plexus area). I wouldn’t be surprised if you have had some lower abdominal or gut symptoms showing up lately. This can be part of the shift happening within you, we have to let go of the old to allow in the new.  The stars and universe is really standing out in this reading, and this usually means you may need to look up and connect in with the stars and cosmos. Again ask for healing energy from the cosmos, remembering we are a part of the cosmos as well as Earth.

  • Snake: Kundalini/Divine Energy

As soon as the snake card comes up in a reading, I immediately think ‘transformation’. This again is congruent with the Lizard and Leopard cards, so the snake is here to help you through this shift. Snake is asking you to stay centred and balanced through this shift, as it will make it a much smoother transition. I know this is often easier said than done when feeling pushed and going through an initiation. Ask for the lizard, leopard and snake to come through to help support you if you do become overwhelmed during a time of change. Snake is moving up the spine and shifting old belief systems and out dated habits that we hold onto. Ask yourself “does this truly serve me now” if you are still behaving in ways that are not for your highest good. Snake also brings through passion to help help you start new ventures and embrace new gifts and talents. Snake is showing up as really big in this reading, so hang in there as the changes that are coming through will be worth the ‘lessons’ and maybe testing times, that you have been or are experiencing. The darkest time is just before the dawn. Keep your faith because all is well in your world.

So lets give thanks to Lizard, Snake and Leopard for the insights and support they are offering us at this time of change. The nature magical moment I will share later on is actually very relevant to this reading, even though it happened early in January.


Magic Marees HELLO….

profileIts Monday evening, and as I sit here in my cosy mountain cottage listening to the thunder rolling around in the distance, I am contemplating how to introduce this new website creation called “Magic Maree” to you all. So the crazy part of me says lets get it started with a bang!

All day the elements of water, thunder and lightening have been playing around on this beautiful mountain. At one stage the lightning even decided to streak its way though my mountain cottage home. This is not a common occurrence so it was a shock to see the lightening literally hanging along the high wooden centre beam in my living area. I was sure that all of the electricals would blow from the power of this lightening, but nothing happened. Phew. My home usually has a high frequency with all the energy that is run for clients’ healings and workshops here – but this was getting ridiculous. It made me realise how disconnected from nature and the elements we often are in this busy world.
So my first NATURES MAGICAL MOMENT is going to be telling a story about a meditation that one of my friends hosted, for the extremely powerful Full Moon in the beginning of January, 2015, and the subsequent event that followed 2 weeks later.

I still would like to tell you a short version of how I came to be living on a mountain, with this dream of working with energy and helping people to change their lives in a positive way.

My mind wanders back to distant events in my life that have brought me to this point and made this venture possible. And of course lets not forget that instrumental phenomenon known as Divine Timing! Let me introduce myself to you all…

My name is Maree-Elyse Thomas, and it has always been a dream of mine to make available a healing and teaching space that would help people remember “who they truly are”, and indeed, how powerful they also truly are. Of course this way of being could only happen if I myself have been on this journey, and in fact am still “remembering” and integrating this knowing of who I AM, on a daily basis. It has not always been pretty or easy – but the journey is definitely becoming easier with less resistance on my part. I have been a slow learner at times – so the old saying “if I can do this, anyone can” is so very true.

This awakening really started 23 years ago when I went through a divorce at 27 after 10 years in a relationship. I had been so closed off to my inner self for such a long time, especially after I had to have eye surgery for retinal detachments at 18 years of age to stop me from going blind, that I didn’t have a clue “who I was”. Somehow I intuitively knew that this sight issue was actually more than what it seemed. I felt like at some level I had created this problem with my eyesight. It was not until I separated from my husband, whom I am very grateful to for all my insights and learning, that I finally asked 3 very pertinent questions:

  • Who am I?
  • Who or what is this God that I don’t feel connected to?
  • Why did I fail at my marriage and how could I leave? (Catholic guilt with this one as I was raised in a Catholic household)

Those 3 questions would take me to places I had no idea existed… and it was darn scary for most of the trip. I used to think “life has to be easier than this, why does it feel so hard?” What I realised years down the track is that the most difficult times in my life have also been my greatest gift in the learning and awakening they have presented me with. And without those experiences there is no way I could begin to understand the emotional pain and deep wounding that was within me, and indeed others. And not just from this life-time.

For the first few months of being on my own I went through life with a weird feeling in my gut. I did not know it was a thing called FEAR. In fact, I had no idea what any emotions were, and how they actually felt. That was how disconnected I had become.  But I was to come to realise that this was a great part of my learning and put me on a path that would be the foundation of my search for self.

At the same time as I separated from my husband and moved house to share with a friend my career changed. I was a registered nurse and midwife. The new role of Clinical Nurse Consultant with a Post Op Pain Service suited my experience perfectly. This is how I came to help set up the new pain relief methods and technology, in a major teaching hospital. It was in this role that the concept of studying alternative pain relief techniques began to really capture my interest.

So I embarked on a mission to find these techniques. This was truly the beginning of my understanding of how our energetic body actually works, and consequently affects our physical and emotional body. I had already attended psychic workshops and completed courses in massage, but then I upped the anti and moved into fields such as Reiki, Rebirthing, Therapeutic Touch, Shak-i-ra, Kinesiology and even started studying to be a Naturopath at one stage. I loved herbal medicine including homeopathic remedies and accupressure. It was an exciting time and a huge learning curve. Finally beginning to get in tune with my emotions opened a whole new ‘Pandoras Box’ for me. It was also terrifying and I felt vulnerable when all the layers of suppressed emotions began to surface and be released. Through many adventures of travelling and living overseas, interstate and finally to Queensland, this healing process moved slowly onward.



Brave and Courageous: The Hummingbird
The Tiny Warrior: Determined and courageous is the Hummingbird.

“Courage is not the absence of fear. Its doing what you are afraid to do. It’s having the power to let go of the familiar and forge ahead into new territory”. These words by John Maxwell were to be my mantra as I changed my world as I had known it and embarked on my awakening to my true self.

It has only been in the past 6 years of working with Transference Healing® that the deep, ancient distortions within the DNA and memory trauma on a soul level, really began to be cleared and healed. This happened after leaving the beautiful ocean of the Gold Coast and moving up to the Mountain at Tamborine. This was scary and yet life changing for me.

Beach life
Life by the ocean

I had lived virtually on top of and so close to the the water for such a long time, I felt “waterlogged”. I knew I needed to be around the land and trees more. Little did I know that this ” tree change” would also lead to a change in my entire life and belief system. I truly understood what the saying of “soul purpose” meant when I began to experience Transference Healing®. This was a healing energy system channeled through by Alexis Cartwright, who founded then anchored this energy onto the Earth. This frequency had not been on Earth since Atlantean times. Magic truly happens with Transference Healing®.

So that is a little bit about my journey and how I ended up here.. so again welcome to the Magic Maree site!!

Tune in Midweek for the Crystal Meditation and Natures Magical Moments…

Much Love and Blessings


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