Child of Light Session

This is an energy with completely different frequency to the Transference Healing® Sessions.

For adults it allows a deeper healing into Inner Child wounding and pain held within the heart, assisting with opening the heart to a deeper level. Incorporating light and crystal frequencies via the ‘Child of Light, Earth and Crystalline Grid Procedure’, this session is powerful and magical in how it helps to also re-balance the sensitive, crystal children now on the planet, to relieve and prevent lightbody symptoms.

Therefore, it is wonderful for the physical and emotional re-balancing of children, and can be run on adults in the days following a Transference Healing® to really assist with Inner Child wounding.

The best way to work with The Child of Light energy, is to experience a session, and then complete the Child of Light workshop so you can work with this energy on yourself and your family. This frequency that has been templated into a home can help create more balance and harmony within the family unit, and help the initiations we go through day to day easier to overcome.

Time: 20 -30 mins

Cost: Complimentary following Full Transference Healing if required



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