Clairvoyant Sessions

There is often confusion around the terminology used when describing Psychic, Clairvoyant or Intuitive readings.

The main thing to know is that all information that comes through for you via Maree-Elyse comes from pure source, that transcends through what is known as “the veil”, or other realms and dimensions most normal people cannot see. Yet!  For you to learn to use this ability, it simply takes intention, practice and faith!

If you have loved ones who have passed over that you would like to connect with, or questions around this area, Maree-Elyse will do a Personal Intuitive Reading (Animal Magic Cards) and then incorporate any connection to your loved ones that come through for you from spirit, This connection can be profoundly reassuring for families that are concerned after losing someone close to them.

Or alternatively if you have an interest in the Animal Magic Card Deck, the Animal Magic Workshop is an incredible Journey into working with this deck, and learning other shamanic procedures such as The Circle of Fire. This will help you connect into your intuition and give you daily tools to guide you on your ascension journey. Highly recommended.

If you don’t feel drawn to the Animal Magic Cards just yet, there will be an upcoming “Am I really Psychic?” workshop if you are interested in learning to use your intuition more and practice this method of Clairvoyance.

See Personal Intuitive Reading (Animal Magic Cards) for session cost and time.



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