Energy and Space Clearing

Over the years, people have commented on strange things happening in their home, and literally hearing things go “bump in the night!” They have asked for help to work out what is actually going on, and thats where Magic Maree comes into the picture. So often when you walk into a place you sense that it ‘feels’ good or comfortable and welcoming. Or not.

Sometimes in life, we will come across dwellings or land that have been impacted by the energy of someone/something that was physically alive or from the world of spirit, that changes the vibration of that area or home.

This may cause a vibrational shift that is palpable, or can affect the ‘feel’ of a place, or the flow with a project. She also helps to ‘read’ the Earth in areas that have been historically impacted by traumatic events such as war, old burial sites and land affected by past emotional events. This area can then be cleared and emotionally healed of the trauma through various energetic methods.

Our Earth has many vortices (spinning Energy centers) that clear energetic debris from our world, as well as bring through light and higher vibrations. This is where energies can get caught or people feel “weird” near these vortices or affected areas, as they can sense the change in energy.

Some physical symptoms can be:

  • goosebumps
  • nausea or dizziness
  • feeling tired for no reason or feeling emotional when standing near, or on, the vortices that need clearing.

If businesses in one particular building are not thriving financially, time after time for no known reason, the building may become known as being ‘jinxed’. Is there something ‘else’ going on energetically? Is it positioned over a cleansing vortex that is also draining the energy of the business and/or the people working there? Is it time to have a check-up?

Sometimes these areas simply need clearing or a lift in vibration. There are various methods of etheric work that can be implemented to help connect into these sites psychically, to clear and rejuvenate as needed.

Maree-Elyse can tune into energetic disturbances without being on-site, and clearings do not have to be done on-site either. So please contact her in regards to space clearings no matter where they are happening!!

Nothing is ever too weird on this level to be asked about!!

Maree-Elyse also does house blessings and clearings, so if you feel your home or business would benefit from a clearing and blessing, especially if you have just moved premises, use the contact details to organise a time to have this ritual completed.

Learn methods of how to keep your house/land clear and with a high vibration that creates a happy, peaceful and harmonious home or business place.

Time: 30 mins – 1 hour. Varies as is dependent on land/building size and the clearing required.

Cost: POA. Average Home clearing and blessing $85 AUD plus travel costs if you want it to be on site.

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