Group Meditation Courses

Has life been busy and leaving no time for YOU?

Have you ever bothered to ask yourself if  you truly LOVE who you are? Or in fact even LIKE yourself?

Do you even KNOW who you are? Do you feel depressed for no obvious reason?

Have you been meaning to “get back into Meditation” and just keep putting it off? Come and find out more with meditation courses each  consisting of 3 x 2 hour sessions weekly over 3 weeks.

OR you can have a family/friends group by appointment in your own home or venue on the Gold Coast or Brisbane. Wether you are a beginner or seasoned meditator, Maree-Elyse has been conducting meditation groups for over 15 years, and caters for all levels of people with these unique meditation sessions that incorporate Transference Healing®.

Research has actually proven how meditation can change the brain in many ways that is beneficial for helping us to create more balance in everyday life. Two of the areas of the brain affected include the Anterior Cingulate Cortex (ACC) which is found deep behind the frontal lobe, and the Hippocampus which is deep within the temple lobe each side of the brain.. Studies showed that people who meditated had a more active ACC and Hippocampus area.

This allowed for reduced inappropriate knee-jerk reactions to situations such as:

  • ability to switch strategy with flexibility
  • resist distraction
  • increase pain tolerance
  • answer correctly more often

So is it time to ask this question – Am I worth the time that it takes to meditate and give myself the best opportunity to enjoy a higher quality of life?

Connecting into your true self and beginning to answer the question “who am I?” is just the start of a deeper inner journey, helping promote peace and joy within. The unique frequency of Transference Healing® makes these meditations a journey like no other, helping you walk through mystical doorways and into unknown realms. This energy also works with the Electro-magnetic body to help relieve physical, emotional and mental symptoms.

Let yourself be taken into the core of “who you are” with channelled meditations, as well as learning new tools for helping stay balanced and centred in this sometimes chaotic world. Connecting with ourselves on a deeper level helps us to understand who we truly are. This enables you to let go of deep hurts and unwanted or subconscious belief systems that have been holding you back from your true potential and true peace.

Learn to connect into your Great I AM and remember how powerful you truly are. It’s time to honour yourself and truly live the life you were meant to live. With your newfound sense of peace and ‘tools’ to help you cope in stressful situations, you will have people asking “What have you been doing? You have changed and look so much more relaxed”.

So check the Meditation Courses section of the Magic Maree website for upcoming course themes, dates and times. Please contact Maree-Elyse with any further questions in regards to meditation.

Time: At Palm Beach each Wednesday night. Come join the group to ‘Play with Light’ from 6.30-8.30pm. $20 each includes refreshments afterwards. Contact Maree by text or phone on 0401 948 911 or to RSVP.

Time: 2hrs once a week over a 3 week timeframe. Or arrange what suits for your family/friends as single sessions. Create your own group in the luxury of your own home or venue.

Cost: only $85 for all 3 sessions of the workshop. $30 pp Gold Coast or $35 pp in Brisbane for a single 2 hour session. Min 5 people.

  • Testimonial:
I’ve known Maree for over ten years, from a time when my life lacked direction and questions of life were many.
Since then, with her therapy and guidance, my soul has spoken, and I am constantly aware of my life and of the importance connecting with and helping when I can, with those around me. In this life, I am now self assured and in control of my own future.
Maree is perceptive, dedicated and extremely skilled in her craft and I recommended her to anyone in need of guidance in heath, life or other questions of direction that one may fear they lack.
Thank you Maree . You are Magic. Peter, GP from QLD. 


CONTACT MAREE-ELYSE For bookings/payments