Personal Intuitive Readings (Animal Magic Cards)

With this reading and subsequent healing, firstly Transference Healing® energy will be run for a few minutes, to balance and energetically realign your ‘grid lines’ as is needed. This also allows you to come into a place of peace in your heart, from where you will choose your Animal Magic Cards.

The Animal Magic Card deck consists of 56 animals/beings representing the Earth, Mythical and Elemental kingdoms, the only cards presently on the planet that incorporate all 3 kingdoms. These cards also include specific related crystals and frequencies. This assists  an aspect of the being to come through, creating a profound energetic shift in the body, effectively assisting with any deep  healing that may be required at the time of the reading. The cards you choose are always perfect to give clear insights into your spiritual, physical and emotional state and the opportunity to gain understanding as to “why” certain issues or events are playing out in your life. This can then assist with your healing journey and aspects of life you would like to change. Occasionally information is given from other lifetimes, and what the soul has chosen to experience in this incarnation, to help heal and shift karmic relationships.

These cards were channelled through by Alexis Cartwright and are available to purchase for your own use.

The Animal Magic Workshop is also available to help with your understanding of how to use the cards and gain a much deeper insight into the magic behind each card. On completion of this workshop you are qualified to provide Animal Magic Card readings and the “Circle of Fire” procedure on yourself, friends and family. Only an accredited Transference Healing® practitioner may charge for this service.


  • “The healings and readings I have experienced from magic Maree the last 8 years have not only been angelic like healing experiences for me they have also taught me About my self as a soul spirit, and taught me tools to utelise as I travel, and have built practical tools to draw on as my spiritual journey continues. Marees’ playful approach to life and her essence teaches me to embrace joy, love and laughter.” From Laura, New Zealand.

Time: 30 mins

Cost: $65.00



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