Group Meditation Courses

Allow yourself to stop and take time to journey inward towards your own centre. If you have been looking for a way to get out of a ‘rut’ in life or need to take a fresh look at how your lifes’ course is progressing, then it is time to experience a meditation course with Magic Maree. Help release Light body symptoms in the physical, mental and emotional body through clearing the electromagnetic aspect of the self. Learn how to do this for yourself at these sessions.

Invest in 2 hours a week over 3 weeks to help change and improve your quality of life through simple yet powerful and easy to use meditation processes and easy to use daily tools. Incorporating the energy of Transference Healing® throughout the sessions you will feel the unique frequency of this energy that will help you to reach a deeper part of your mind, heart and soul in your personal journey.

Connect with like minded people and have fun at the same time as finding that deeper connection with yourself that can help to bring you more peace and contentment into your life.

Refreshments of tea, coffee and nibbles will be provided after each event.

Maree-Elyse also offers the experience of holding these events in your OWN home with your family and friends or groups. Simply contact her if you are interested.

Dates : TBA

Time : Day or evenings.

Cost : Only $85 for all 3 sessions. Or $30 per session.

Contact Maree-Elyse or go to BOOKINGS to confirm your place in this workshop