Self Awareness/Empowerment Workshops

  • LandingsmlWHO AM I REALLY?
    In these 1 day workshops Maree-Elyse helps you to connect into your heart and release pain and self-judgement. This then allows a deeper understanding of your true self and how to really begin to Love Thyself. In turn this self love helps a shift in perspective and thus thought patterns, which is what helps change our outer reality and create more love, abundance, joy and any other aspect of life that you are currently not connected with or feel you are missing in life. Universal Law #1 = Like attracts Like…  so if constant negative thoughts are the common pattern for you it is definitely time to step into one of Magic Maree’s life changing and empowering workshops.
    Part of the workshops incorporate channeled meditations which helps to promote your ability to perceive life from a higher multidimensional level, rather than the 3D linear plane humans have been currently working from. This in turn allows you to become the ‘observer’ in situations where you may be usually reactive or fall into a ‘depressed’ state. Book here to confirm your place as there is a maximum of 20 spaces for each workshop

Other workshops include:

  • HOW DO I KNOW IF I’M PSYCHIC?  See below for details
    Have you often wondered how some people can seem to ‘tune in’ and know heaps of things about you or someone else that they have never even met before? Master your innate gift to be connected to your own intuitive and psychic abilities. You will be working with a range of people, objects and cards to show you that it is not objects that are the channel of information from source – YOU are. Its simply how we perceive messages that allows us to practice with our new found skills and ‘reading’ abilities. Learn to intuitively connect into messages from spirit with more faith and trust in  yourself. Lots of ‘a-ha’ moments and FUN. Book here to confirm your place as there is a maximum of 20 spaces for each workshop
  • More workshops to be confirmed..

Is there a Psychic in you trying to get out?

Come along to this fun filled, enlightening and interactive workshop. Discover the intuitive part of you and learn how to tap into this gift.

Learn about:

  • Clairvoyance
  • Clairaudience
  • Clair- everything!
  • Psychometry
  • Learning to trust yourself intuitively

Come and join like-minded souls and discover your true potential.

Date: Feb

Time: 10 am – 4 pm

Address: Palm Beach

Cost: $95.00

Maree-Elyse Thomas (Magic Maree)

M 0401 948 911




If you have any subjects or questions that you would like to discuss in relation to doing a workshop in this area of self awareness and empowerment please contact Maree-Elyse.