Transference Healing® Workshops

Fundamental Training Workshop

Fundamental Inclusions

In the 4 day Transference Healing® Fundamentals workshop you will receive a profound and life changing initiation into the Transference Healing® Diamond Pyramid of Light™ and will be energetically templated and gridded to beging to run the Transference Healing® process. You will be guided on working with the associated Transference energies and procedures to support a divine healing and ascension process. These healings’ can then be not only performed for your own benefit, but they may be performed for family and friends. You may choose to then continue on and be more of service, by completing the Advanced and/or Teachers accredited courses with Alexis, to become a Transference Healer® Practitioner and/or teacher..

Beyond Doorways 1

PractitonerBD1printThe Beyond Doorways Level 1 workshop was created by Alexis Cartwright to expand upon the survival, empowerment and self-mastery teachings offered to humanity in her publication Beyond Doorways-The Mysteries Revealed.This workshop creates and energetic shift that cannot be gained simply by reading Beyond Doorways Book. This is because in stepping into this workshop you are energetically re=linking up to a universal system and enabling yourself to bring in multidimensional frequencies that will support yo to become more empowered both in you ability to self-heal and in y our spirituality.

Beyond Doorways 2

PractitonerBD2printOnce you have completed Beyond Doorways 1 you may step into the Beyond Doorways 2 workshop. This will enable you to work with and understand more of the Mystery School concepts and teachings of Transference Healing®. Level 2 involves crystal skull work, gridding and templating work. It delves more into the technology of matter and light and appeals to those who wish to master their self-healing and self-mastery journey.

Child of Light Workshop

COL with watermark2The Child of Light workshop is an amazing and necessary workshop which supports Mothers/Fathers to not only work on themselves to heal deep Inner Child pain, but more specifically to work with and understand the unique qualities or inner nature of new born babies and the children of the New Millennium. Since 1999 these children have been coming onto the Earth, and the Child of Light workshop teaches a unique Crystalline Grid Procedure. This integrates light and crystalline frequencies into the sensitive bodies and consciousness, which enables them to sustain the frequency necessary to allow them to continue to evolve within a more heightened 5th dimensional level of personal and spiritual growth/awareness and holographic reality, while also providing the necessary resources to preventively care against lightbody symptoms.

Animal Magic Workshop

PractitonerAMprintLearn to work with the beautiful 56 divination cards and information book that include the unique blend of Earth, Mythical and Elemental beings. As you ‘tune’ into the guides from the animal energies you will begin to open up to further information from your own guides. Day by day they will assist you to expand your awareness and develop a greater connection to your higher self. Also learn to create the etheric “Circle of FIre” while working with 4 animal totems to support the awakening of your kundilini and enhance divine love and protection.