Beyond Doorways 1

This workshop enables you to work with and understand more the fundamental levels, teachings and healing procedures of this book and concentrates on specific chapters that are necessary if you want to participate in your own healing and ascension process at this time. It will enable you to understand core aspects related to the Earth changes while giving valuable insight into the divine forces supporting the changes occurring within our dimension as a whole. You come to see the ‘bigger picture’ so to speak, on how and why the Earth and humanity is ascending at this time into a new dimension, reality and world.

‘A must for everyone, at this vital time of Earth and human transition!’

Supporting the Beyond Doorways Book this workshop provides the empowerment, survival and self-mastery tools and teachings that we ALL need to know right NOW!

No prior knowledge or experience necessary. Affordable for ALL.

This profound and transformational one day workshop will not only provide you with detailed information about the Earth and human changes, but will most importantly teach you a vital healing process that you can easily incorporate into your lifestyle, to help maintain the wellness of yourself, your family and friends.

Inclusions: You will receive a set of comprehensive workshop notes, 2 full colour workshop templates and the Beyond Doorways Lightbody Kit of 15 vibrational essences.

[ Please Note: this workshop does not include supply of the Beyond Doorways book you will need to purchase this independently, preferably prior to the workshop]

Time: 1 day

Cost: $450 AUD