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Child of Light Workshop

This workshop teaches an accumulation of techniques to support the Children of the New Millennium, based on the contents of the ‘Child of Light’ chapter in Beyond Doorways. It incorporates new information and a specifically channelled Transference procedure that has come through the energetic influence and guidance of Chiron.

This new procedure is called the ‘Child of Light, Earth and Crystalline Grid Procedure’ and works to support the Crystalline Grid Template to anchor in. It assists in the integration of the necessary stellar/light and crystal frequencies into the sensitive bodies and consciousness of Crystal Children, and provides the necessary resources to preventively care against Lightbody symptoms.

This procedure can also be run on adults in order to go deeper within the etheric body to clear a more indepth level of Inner Child pain and support the anchoring of the Crystalline Grid Template. This will aid you to evolve with more ease during the current Earth changes.

Inclusions: You will receive a set of comprehensive workshop notes, full colour workshop templates (x2), Platonic Solids Crystal Set and Clear Quartz Crystal.

Time: 1 day

Cost: $450 AUD